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Friday, September 13, 2013

HOW THE WORLD WILL END: Evos and Atheists Weigh In!

PPSIMMONS: So - now evoheads and atheists have become "doomsayers?"  Interesting.

 The society, which is led by Lord Rees, will look at natural catastrophes

Killer robots and crippling cyber attacks: How the world is going to end - according to super brains such as Stephen Hawking

  • Members of a society, which includes Stephen Hawking and Robert May, will identify threats to humanity and devise ways of ensuring its survival
  • The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) is led by the Astronomer Royal and Cambridge don Martin Rees
  • Lord Rees believes the main threats to sustained human existence now come from people, not from nature
They are an improbable group of superheroes. But some of Britain's greatest minds have got together to focus their powers on saving humanity from itself.

Led by the Astronomer Royal and Cambridge don Martin Rees, famous thinkers such as physicist Stephen Hawking and former Government chief scientist Robert May have formed a society to draw up a doomsday list of risks that could wipe out mankind.
From crippling cyber-attacks by terrorists using the internet to cause havoc, to the release of engineered diseases and killer computers, they warn the future is far from rosy.

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