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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is Obama the Antichrist?

by Rev. Joda Collins

Is Obama the Antichrist?  It is strange that so many are asking that question with such sincerity.  Here is some of what most theologians believe about the Antichrist.
1.  He (the Antichrist) is a liar.
2.  He will be a world leader.
3.  Some will follow him because he will "appear" to them to be doing and saying the right things.
4.  He will arrive in a time of world chaos.
5.  He will be a sociopath.
6.  Some will follow him blindly.
7.  Some will follow him because they hate Jesus and Christianity.
8.  He is a murderer.
9.  He is a sexual pervert.
10.  He will have good to great speaking ability.
11.  He will be "charismatic."
12.  There will be a supernatural (demonic) following of him as a "Savior."
13.  He will hate Christianity.
14.  He will seek to promote a one-world religion that he is not really devoted to. 

Facts About Obama
1.  It is sad but true that we all expect politicians to lie.  However, there is a difference between a political liar and a pathological liar.  Obama is a pathological liar.    http://www.tpnn.com/obama-admission-i-lied-about-tax-increases/ and http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/09/25/45-top-lies-from-obamas-un-speech/

2.  Regarding Obama as a world leader, there is no doubt that he wants to be the dictator of the United States.  His "Change for America" includes that.  He is now trying to get the world, through the UN to attack Syria based on his word that Assad used chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war.  I doubt that anyone would be surprised, if there was such an office of Dictator of the World to see Obama salivate for that office.

3.  Obama's election and re-election has brought out of the social cracks the dumbest of our population who insist that Obama is a genius.  That takes care of requirement #3.

4.  Obama inherited a world in disruption and has done as much as he can to make it worse.  So #4 above is a reality.

5.  None who knows what a sociopath does and how he acts could deny that Obama is one.

6.  Regarding following Obama blindly (that would be the majority of Democrats) each has their own reason for doing so. Some are just stupid, some ignorant and some feel there is financial benefit or political power for them if they blindly follow Obama.  Such comments like, "We need to pass this so we can see what is in it," is evidence of blind following. A willingness to take the actions that could start WW3 based only on the word of Obama that the war is a good thing is evidence of blind following. 
7.  Obama remains absolutely silent about the beheading of Christians in Syria and continues to use American tax dollars to further that goal.

8.  His part in the beheading of Christians in Syria is clear. He promotes the killing of babies in the womb.  An Internet search of "Obama's dead bodies" will give you lots of information.

9.  Right after Obama said he changed his mind about homosexuality and embraced it for "so-called" marriage and as a source of his great pride for the US Military, he spoke of defending the right of every person regardless of "sexual orientation."    This is the language of bestiality and pedophilia  http://www.topix.com/forum/city/la-porte-tx/TVULQ5BJ9MH6U4F4J.

10.  There is no doubt that Obama has the ability to speak.  Even when he outright lies, stutters or otherwise falters, there seems to be many memorized by his speaking.  There is something demonic about his speaking ability.   Of course, it would take a Christian to recognize that.  We do.   It is not a point we debate because there is no purpose to debate with those who lack the ability to understand.

11.  Obama is charismatic to those who have no Holy Spirit defense against him.  We who know the Lord find him repulsive.

12.  Regarding Obama as savior, we all know he has a savior-complex and many in the world have a savior-fixation on him. 

13.  Obama states with overwhelming pride that America "is no longer a Christian nation."  He fights with all of his might against the Christian principles that founded and have led this country.  He supports Muslim terrorists, rabid killers of Christians, with his silence and US dollars.

14.  Islam is announced as the one-world religion by it members.  Obama loves the Koran and the "sounds" of Islamic worship.  He supports Islamic terrorism.  However, his attitude towards things of faith is shallow.  Obama uses religion for political and personal gain, but he is not religious. 

Do I think Obama is the Antichrist?  Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were called the Antichrist by those that did not like them.  It is popular to call the President the Antichrist.  I have no interest in calling Obama the Antichrist.  I do not know if he is the Antichrist or not.  While I have doubts that he is, I do recognize he is highly-qualified for that low office. 

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

I make no claim that my views as expressed here or anywhere else reflect the views of anyone else.

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