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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stop Abortion While We Still Can

by Rev. Joda Collins
The 1973, Roe vs Wade decision by the United States Supreme Court that permitted abortion on demand as a "fundamental right afforded by the US Constitution" had flawed logic as the cornerstone for that decision. 

1.  The Supreme Court thought we were in a population crisis and abortion was a good answer to the assumed population explosion.
2.  The Supreme Court believed that abortion would be welcomed by most Americans.  Abortion was not welcomed in 1973 and it is not welcome now. 
3.  The Supreme Court was told by the medical profession that abortion was a "safe medical procedure" and they believed it.  Of course, we know now that abortion is fraught with physical dangers for the mother, not to mention that a successful abortion always ends in the death of at least one person.  This bring us to the fourth reason.
4.  The Supreme Court was in the dark regarding child development in the womb.  In 1973, the understanding of the development of a child in the womb was as much a mystery as it was scientific knowledge.  Advancements in ultra-sound and other medical marvels have convinced every honest person that the death of a child in the womb via abortion is murder.
5.  The US Constitution does NOT afford mothers the right to kill their children.
6.  The US Constitution does NOT afford doctors the right to murder children.
We are not in the midst of over-population and even if we were, killing innocent children is not the way to address that problem.  Abortion is not welcomed by most Americans.  Abortion is not "safe."  We now know that an aborted child is murdered person, not just a throw-away piece of tissue. 
Advocates of abortion cannot deny that abortion is murder.  However, they want to continue murdering babies.  The killing of the innocent should never have started.  Fifty million deaths later, it is way past time to do something about the terrorism and murder of innocent babies in the womb.  It is time to renew the strongest efforts to overthrow murder by abortion. The fight is not easy for several reasons.  First, we have a pro-murder President.  Second, we have a pro-murder Senate.  Third, we have a pro-murder Supreme Court.  Fourth, we have a weak Congress. Fifth, and to our shame, we have seen so many pictures like the one below, we have become desensitized to the horror of abortion.
Imagine this was your baby.  Imagine this was your Mothers' choice for you.  Imagine this is the governments' choice for your next child or your next grandchild!  Evil permitted progresses to more evil!  Obama promised to change America into his image.  He is pro-abortion. We know he has changed the position of President from a servant of the people to a place of dictatorship (via executive orders).  Do something other than remain silent before he does something more to change America into his dream land.  They are his dreams.  They are our nightmares.   
In our sick world, money rules.  So, let me put abortion on a financial basis.  If we had 50 million more people and their offspring born since 1973, we would have enough of a tax base to take care of Americas financial woes.  We killed 50 million tax payers plus denied the right to life for their offspring who would have grown up to pay taxes.  We have a financial crisis because America is a murderous country.  
About 1.25 million soldiers died in all of the wars America has been a part of.  We have killed 50 million babies.  In light of this, how can anyone say we are not a murderous country!
Please view the following web site.  It takes less than one minute. If it fails to load the first time, try again!  I think they are trying to remove it or discourage viewing.

Call your Congress representatives.  Call your Senators.  Tell them you want Roe vs. Wade overturned because "abortion is murder."  Many Republicans in Congress and the Senate are still fighting for the rights of the children. Let them know you appreciate their efforts.  Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper expressing your outrage over abortion.  Bring abortion up as a matter of prayer and action in your next church prayer meeting.  Vote only Republican and only for Republicans who openly stand against abortion.  Get on the email list at http://www.prolifealliance.org. They will suggest methods to let your voice be heard on behalf of the slain and not yet slain. Wear a shirt that announces that you are pro-life and anti-abortion.  Be vocal about it.  Be bold.  The killers are!  

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins

I make no claim that my views reflect the views of anyone else.

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