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Sunday, September 8, 2013


by Rev. Joda Collins
How can a man that is in favor of burning children with acid, be against the use of chemicals in war?
I submit to you that Obama has no hesitation or negative emotions about Syrians using chemicals on Syrians, but that his ONLY motivation in Syria is to depose the current government so the Muslim Brotherhood can assume power.  Obama is a sociopath.    

If the Syrian rebels were found to be those that used chemicals on their own people in order to blame the Syrian President, would Obama be in favor of bombing the rebels?  Absolutely not! Therefore, the bombing of the Syrian government is NOT about the use of chemical warfare. Obama wants his terrorist friends in power. That is all there is to it.

Obama is using, "I care about people that are victims of deadly chemicals," as a front.  Look at the picture above. Obama wants that done to another 50 million Americans. 

Obama is trying to get Congress, the American people and the world to support his cause of Islamic-terrorist domination in Syria by calling attention to the terror of chemical weapons.   When Obama cries out for the life of one baby who dies as a result of chemical warfare against children, then I will believe he sincerely decry's chemical warfare against others.  Until then, he is just a liar.  He is just another Muslim terrorist using his position and power to promote the systematic annihilation of infidels (which is, by the way, "you"). Yes, indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood has plans for you. They announce those plans boldly and with pride.

Do you have the courage to see what they have planned for you and your family?

Those who support Obama in his quest to use United States military power and your money to further Islamic goals in the world are cowards, ignorant, fools, terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.  

Hitler and Stalin have gone down in history as the worst people of all time.  During their reign of terror, they were supported by many as a result of people thinking that, "no one could be as bad as some say they are."   It is hard for normal people (non-sociopath's) to believe that someone can be pure evil.  However, history reveals that some people are just that - pure evil.  History takes a dim view of those who, "went along passively," with the evils of Hitler and Stalin.  I fear history will record another man of pure evil.  How will history record your actions or lack of action towards his actions?  
Obama is supporting the Islamic terrorists as they come to behead the Syrian President and his family.   Who will Obama support when the Islamic terrorists come to behead you and your family?  You say, "Obama would never support Islamic-terror in America because he is our President, an American and a Christian." Wrong!   While he is "the" President, he is your enemy.  He does not care about America or you.  He is an African and he is a Muslim (see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_Africa).  Islam has announced they intend to take over the entire world.  (See:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKnZEF6AmLo.)  "World domination," means America. It means, "your home."  The dominos of Islam are falling towards America. Our President is a major player in that quest.
Enough is enough.  Stop the maniac, at least this one time.  Stand up and speak up.  Do something other than, "silently go along with the madness."   (http://www.lulu.com/shop/joda-collins/islam-is-a-religion-of-peace/paperback/product-18886495.html.)

joda collins  Rev. Joda Collins

Disclaimer:  I make no claim that my opinions are shared by anyone else.

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