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Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama and Kerry as Laurel and Hardy

Obama and Kerry
Woops!  John Kerry is in trouble with the boss man.  John Kerry, today, said that if Assad would, "hand over every little bit of chemical weapons," that Obama would forget about bombing Syria.  Putin jumped on that in a hurry and between Assad and Putin, the agreement was reached to "hand over every little bit of chemical weapons." 
Later today, Obama comes out with his written conditions that Assad has to step down from the Presidency and open the door for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda to take over the country before he would repent of his desire to bomb Syria. 
John Kerry, was surely scolded by Obama, because Obama's goal is not to neutralize the ability of Assad to use chemical weapons. That "claim" is the baseline lie used by Obama to get Assad out of government and the Islamic terrorist in control over Syria. 
John Kerry is so stupid that he does not even know what Obama is trying to do.  Hey, Pres, if you are going to use Kerry to help you do your terrorist bidding, then, at least let him in on it.  You probably thought he was wise enough to figure it out, but, obviously, he is not. You should spend a couple of hours with him and let him in on things so he will not make such a mistake again. It appears he, actually, believed you when you said all you cared about was flexing your muscles enough to cause Assad to commit to chemical weapons control or non-use and dropping a bomb or two on him just to show him who is boss.  Or, at least, let Kerry have a few hours of public speaking training from Biden so no one will take him seriously, no matter what he says. 
Now, after Kerry has been scolded by Obama, Kerry claims he "really didn't mean what he said." 
The whole interaction between Obama and Kerry is more like Laurel and Hardy than two, supposedly, intelligent world leaders.  If these two clowns were not so dangerous to world stability, this would be funnier.  However, even in light of the seriousness of the issues at hand, I can't help but smile at the epileptic coordination between these two.  Therein, and in things like this, seems to be America's best hope for our survival. 
Rev. Joda Colliins
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