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Saturday, September 7, 2013


by Rev. Joda Collins

Suddenly, Obama is concerned about human life and civil rights?  On Obama's watch, thousands of Christians are killed in Africa for no other reason than because they were Christians.  Obama does not want to bomb his home Country!   On Obama's watch, millions of babies have been killed in the womb and not a word about the value of human life or the right to life from Obama.  So far, Obama has not voiced a decision to bomb Washington DC.  Christians are being killed right now by the people Obama wants to see in power in Syria. For this, Obama has no objection. Rather, he has praise for these murderers and wants to start a war to promote their militant-Muslim (terrorists) agenda. 

It is reported that the Syrian President used chemical warfare to kill up to 1,400 Syrians and Obama suddenly cares about others?  Give me a break! 
"No boots on the ground!"  Yea, right.  "You can trust me, I know the Syrian government used chemicals of war against their own," says John Kerry.  News flash!  I do not trust John Kerry.  It appears John Kerry is a huge liar in his own right.  Now, he is in the hip pocket of Obama and Obama has proven he cannot be trusted.  Two liars does not constitute truth.  For all we know, Obama and Kerry conspired to create an international incident to draw attention away from the impeachable things that Obama has done and is doing.  Obama knows that Congress and the American people (for the most part) cannot concentrate on two major issues at the same time.  Can you say, "Diversion?"   
If someone said, "Russia used chemicals on some of their own people," would anyone in their right mind bomb Russia?  If someone said, "China used chemicals on some of their own," would any sane person bomb China?  Of course not.  Russia and China are too powerful to pick a fight with.  China is too important in the world financial arena for us to declare war on them.  Besides that, bombing Russia or China will not further the Islamic cause so Obama would not be easily inclined to go to war with Russia or China.  It is idiotic to go to war because, "someone said," something we cannot verify.   It is idiotic to believe Kerry or Obama.  

You do realize that dropping a bomb on a country is, "declaring war."  You do realize that Russia will probably defend the Syrian President. You do realize that starting a war with Syria may be the start of a war with Russia.  Russia and America at war!  A Muslim dream come true. The Muslim Brotherhood and Obama win. We lose. 
Obama is a Muslim, or at least, empathetic towards Muslim goals.   He wants the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of the middle East, and ultimately, "fully," in charge of America.  Actions speak louder than words.  All of Obama's actions point to his preference for the same things that Muslim terrorists want.  Bombing the Syrian government is, at least, a double blessing for Obama.  First, it takes the attention of the Nation and Congress off of Obama's impeachable actions. Second, bombing the Syrian government will further the take-over of the Muslim Brotherhood there.  Score two points for Obama and zero for us.  Wake up, America, before Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood close your eyes forever.
Much of America has gone stupid. Congress is going stupid. The Senate has been stupid for a long time.  (I am being kind and giving the benefit of the doubt where I doubt the benefit of the doubt is warranted.  It is either "stupid" or "treasonous.")  Somebody better wise up before what good Obama has not yet destroyed in America, is gone.
Obama dramatically cuts the military budget and wants to start a war that may cause Israel to be attacked.  Those are things the Muslims want; a weak America and the destruction of Israel.  Are you beginning to see the picture yet?
Finally, who appointed the United States of America as the world police?  We are a financially bankrupt nation. We cannot afford to fix our own cities, bridges or take care of our elderly.  Spending billions on policing the world is a sure way to the quick and final financial ruin of America. Another Muslim goal eagerly fostered by our President.  Got it yet? 
Obama should be impeached. Then, he should be tried for treason against the people of the United States of Ameica.  One of things he should not be allowed to do it start this war to further Islamic world-terrorism. Senate members and members of the Congress who vote to follow Obama into war should be removed from office and investigated for treason against the United States.
joda collinsRev. Joda Collins
Disclaimer:  I do not claim that any of my opinions are shared by anyone else.

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