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Friday, October 18, 2013

A House Divided Cannot Stand

by Rev. Joda Collins
Congress voted to okay Obamacare day before yesterday.   No country has prospered under socialism. Neither will we.  The most powerful tool of socialism is socialized medicine. 


Yesterday, the majority of Senate Republicans turned on House Republicans.  The majority of House Republicans turned on America.  "A house divided cannot stand."
Yesterday, Obama won. He won more than Obamacare socialized medicine. He won all future confrontations with Republicans because between Obama's hate, Obama-hate speech, his speaking ability, the unwavering main-stream media support for him, the vast number of uninformed, stupid and self-centered voters, the majority vote and the reality that the majority of Republicans are not strong enough to stand together against the unrelenting pressure of a Chicago thug, the school yard bully now rules.  We have a dictator. 
Next is immigration reform with the goal of swelling the voting booths with democrats for the 2014 election. Next is changing the law so a President can run for more than two terms.  Next is taking our guns away by vote of the democratically controlled House and Senate, and backed by the Supreme Court.  Next is the restrictions on free speech including limiting the right to speak about the Bible, even in church and/or the right to have church services.  (Obama has already proven he can do this.)  Next is martial law.  Next is Obama for a third term.  Finally, the ultimate dream of Obama, the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood through the office of the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court with Obama as the unrestricted terrorist-leader of The Muslim States of America.
Republicans may have committed party suicide day before yesterday by voting for Obamacare..
I believe in miracles.  It will take a miracle to change American back to the home of the brave and the land of the free.  Obama-change has stripped those things from us.
The House better get on record their attempt to impeach Obama while they have a chance.
With no significant representation for we who hold to a constitutional-republic under our Constitution, there is a mandate for a third party immediately.   Someone with some courage and clout needs to step to the front and begin that process NOW.  
It is sad to see America the beautiful become so ugly primarily because of the damage done by one illegal immigrant in the Oval Office.   I wish America was wiser than she appears to be.  The majority seems unable to think or unwilling to care about the future of this country.
 joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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