Zev Porat

Thursday, October 24, 2013

IT HAS STARTED! Hillary Slashes and Burns Obama!

Below are excerpts by Hillary during a speech she recently made at the University at Buffalo, There were some 6,500 people in attendance.

"I'm hoping we will — move away from the slash and burn politics, the name calling, the excessive partisanship that we've seen too much of lately," she said.

In her speech, Clinton claimed the partial government shutdown was the reason that Barack Obama had to cancel a recent trip to Asia. She said it negatively affected the way the U.S. is perceived in other countries. Did she give Obama a little spank on the behind in these next words? In reality, the government shutdown did not affect ANYTHING that Obama did not want it to affect. Hillary KNOWS that. We think she was smoothly trying to trash the Republicans while at the same time - taking a huge roundhouse swipe at Barry Obama - her old nemesis.

"It's important that the president of the United States shows up at these meetings," she said.

"The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, showed up. Russian President Vladimir Putin showed up, and they were able to dominate the proceedings," Clinton said, "and they were able to cock an eyebrow and ask a question like, well, maybe we can't count on the Americans any more. Maybe it's time to, in the words of one Chinese official, de-Americanize the world. Maybe we should even start thinking about a different reserve currency than the American dollar."

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