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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

LIVE - Congressional Hearing: Kathleen Sebelius Quotes

Congressional hearing - October 30, 2013

"Americans now have more health choices than ever."

"The website has never crashed - but it is currently functioning at a very low speed."

Was two weeks enough time to test the system before releasing it?  "Clearly not."

"I was not aware that they (Insurers) recommended a delay (in launching the site)."

"In the individual (insurance) market plans change every year."  (In response to millions of Americans now losing their plans)

"Individuals (who lost their insurance recently) can go inside or outside the exchange to get their insurance...they have choices they never have had before."

"All of the contractors (CGI) testified here in September...and the testimony was...they were ready to go in September. They did not ask us to delay the launch date. It is not valuable at this point to fix the blame on anyone."

Do you think the website will be fixed soon?  "I do. I think that we are making improvements each and every day. It is a continuous progress. Fixes are made on an ongoing basis. We are fixing them in real time."

Do you have any reliable data as to how many have tried to enroll or have enrolled? "We do not have any data on that - which is why we haven't given it."

"Everything we hear from the state based markets is that they are doing well. We don't have data from them yet. We will see the real numbers at the end of the month. It is going smoothly."

"In spite of a series of roadblocks and campaigns against this...Americans are eager to see what their benefits and opportunities are."

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