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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obummercare Exposed as Hoax in One Day

Non-essential employees of the United States government have been sent home.  Essentials of the government are open for business.  That includes Obummercare, in Obama's opinion.  I guess without the first day of an epileptic attempting to enroll people in socialized health care, our country will come to a halt.  How utterly ridiculous.  How revealingly narcissistic of our dreadful leader. 
The wake of the Obummercare spastic start up has revealed several realities.  The idiot Democrats wanted it passed so we could find out what is in it.  Now we know some of what is in it.
1.   Nearly everything Obama said about Obummercare is, today, exposed as a lie.  Who is surprised about that?  Not me.  I will not list the lies. Just make a list of everything Obama said Obummercare will do for you and write "lie" by 90% of it. 
2.  Obummercare, as it is now, is not the Obummercare originally passed.  Obama has changed many things.  Logically, it is illegal. However, no one is holding king Obama to such laws.
3.  The early evidence is that Obummercare is funded and supported by a myriad of open and hidden taxes that will cost everyone a lot, excessively high payments from younger people, reduced services for seniors, printing more money, stealing from medicare and inferior coverage in terms of the percent paid by Obummercare for services.
4.  The government under Obama is so inept, it can't even sign people up effectively.  Do you really think Obama can deliver actual health care!   
A majority of our citizens function based on the dollar and not morality.  Obama is immoral (or amoral). However, his promise of a financial benefit for Americans because of Obummercare was the only catalyst that kept it alive. Now that we know Obummercare will be a financial drain on both our economy and every American, now is the time for Republicans to stand strong and refuse to fund this malignant tumor called Obummercare.
While it may hurt for a little while, now is the time for Americans to support Republican leaders in their effort to save us all from the disaster that is inevitable if Obummercare is funded.  Yes, Obummercare, if enacted, will cave in by its own weight but not until after our financial world caves in on all of us.

Take a smaller hit now or fund Obummercare and take a death blow later.  Your choice, America. There are only two choices.

Some say that the Republicans should give in and fund Obummercare so we can win the 2014 and 2016 elections.  News Flash!  Democrats follow those who offer them the most financial gain.  If Obummercare is passed, we will lose the Democrats that will vote Republican for financial gain now that they know Obummercare is a financial train wreck for them and the Democrats are horrendous liars bent on the financial destruction of the middle class, the eradication of the wealthy and the further financial decline of the poor among us.  Republicans vote for people of principle and patriotism.  Fund Obummercare now and you may lose our vote in 2014 and 2106.  Not that we will vote Democrat. We may simply not vote because Republicans are tired of being asked to vote for the lesser of evils rather than for patriotic leaders with strong moral principles.

Fund Obummercare and surely lose in 2014 and 2016 or stand strong and do not fund Obummercare now and maybe win in 2014 and 2016.  

joda collins  
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views reflect the views of anyone else.

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