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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Republican Scramble for Direction. Just do the Right Thing!

by Rev. Joda Collins
The news today is that it seems last Saturday's back room attempt to end the 17% government shut down and deal with the debt limit has failed. 
Republicans are scrambling trying to figure out what to do next.   Some want to cave in to the Democrats' wishes across the board.  Some want to hold out and hope to kill Obamacare.  Some are trying to figure out the political winds so they can do whatever they think most Republicans want done.
Most Republicans are thinking about the 2014 and 2016 elections hoping they can do something to keep enough Republicans and Independents voting Republican to win those elections.  The sad fact is that the immoral among us outnumber the moral, the stupid outnumber the wise, those who want socialism outnumber those who want capitalism, those who want "all religions or no religion represented in public life" outnumber Christians. Those who think the founding fathers are inconsequential to the decisions made today about the direction of America outnumber those who believe in the governing principles laid down by our founding fathers.  Judges that feel it is their job to change the Constitution to fit their whims outnumber judges who will stand for the Constitution. The majority of the Supreme Court are pro-Obama and anti-America.  Obama has changed America!
Obama has turned the office of the President into a dictatorship over the lives of Americans.  His Chicago-bully tactics seem to be working.  He is a sociopath.  Everyone trying to work with him is making the mistake of thinking he needs information rather than removal.  No one can work with a sociopath because sociopath's demand blind submission "or else!"
The House of Representatives does not want to impeach Obama because the Senate will not follow through with impeachment.  Impeaching a treasonous president is the right thing to do even if others do not follow.  Do we follow others taking the wrong path just because more are on it?  Do the right thing even if it is not the easiest thing.
The reality is 2014 and 2016 are already lost for Republicans if we do not stand up for America.  Obamacare is the last stand.  If Republicans stand strong against Obamacare then we will take a lot of heat now. However, if Obamacare is not overthrow and when it begins to eat our nation alive, Americans may come to their senses and vote for wise men of honor who love America.  By 2014 and/or 2016, the Democrats will be clearly in charge of a nation that is nearing complete socialism.  Maybe then, with an appeal to our strong stand now, with the last ounce of national freedom we can turn the tide and rid our republic of turncoats like the majority of current Democrats.
That will not be done later if Republicans take the easy way out now and fund Obamacare.  The nation will have no one to vote for because both parties are traitors to the Constitution. Hint:  The IRS is collecting the Obamacare "fines," thus the "fine" is a tax!!!!!  The House should refuse to permit Obamacare for many reasons. This is just one reason.  
It is very simple.  Obamacare was passed by the Senate before anyone had time to read it. Now that Republicans have had time to read it, we do not like it, so we do not have to fund it.  This is basic logic.  We resent Obama and the Democrats in the Senate holding a gun to our head demanding we approve of something we were not given sufficient time to review.
Republicans in the House should not be trying to do whatever will get us elected in 2014 and 2016 but doing what is right for America NOW.  Do the right thing and see what happens.  Do the wrong thing and 2014 and 2016 is already lost.
"Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master." 
Dwight D. Eisenhower
"Now more that ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress.  If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature....  If the next centennial does not find us a great nation ... it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces."
James Garfield, the twentieth President of the Unites States, 1877
"To sin by silence (inaction) when they should protest makes cowards of men." Abraham Lincoln.  (Parenthesis mine, Joda Collins)
"We the People are the rightful masters of both the Congress and the Courts - not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
Abraham Lincoln
There is civil war on the horizon for the United States of America. The alternative to civil war when leaders fail us is submission to tyranny. That is unacceptable for me.  I hope it is unacceptable for you.  If we keep getting pushed around by our government, what other choice do we have?

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.  
The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,
"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them...."

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else. 

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