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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Nightmare of Obamacare in One Paragraph

by Rev. Joda Collins


Obamacare costs young people two to three times more than traditional health care, significantly reduces medicare benefits for senior citizens, is expected to increase our national debt by one-trillion dollars per year to keep it going, is costing Americans their 40-hour jobs to be replaced with 29-hour per week jobs, creates incentives for businesses to succeed "less," swells the ranks of those who qualify for welfare, replaces free emergency room services for the poor with a 60% coverage plan, non-paid charges are added to a person's income tax liability, can cost a person their home for non-payment and their good credit rating, makes some people lose their private insurance and the rest pay twice as much for reduced private insurance coverage, incurs an increasing tax for the uninsured who do not enroll or cannot afford the coverage, combines the free-market insurance system with socialism in a manner that will destroy the free-market system and the middle-class, there is no viable plan to keep non-Americans off of Obamacare except for Obama's plan to make every illegal alien an American citizen, reduces the number of doctors and increases the number of patients.  
Do I have the facts right?  If so, only morons, traitors to America and illegal aliens would be positive towards Obamacare.  When you find a person supporting Obamacare (or Obama) it is your responsibility to identity which of the above three groups that individual is in and treat that person accordingly. 

          joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins 
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I make no claim that my views are the views of anyone else.

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  1. The cost of Obama's "Affordable Care Act'? Your life.