Zev Porat

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

VERIFIED UFOS! Unidentified Floating (Google) Objects - on BOTH COASTS!

The whole world is talking about it!

 Something sinister - or just brilliant marketing?

A San Fransisco news report  on KPIX 5 revealed  Google’s mysterious project on a barge off Treasure Island.  But now, apparently even more reports have surfaced of GOOGLE building similar floating structures in other water locations as well.

It is now being reported in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald that shipping containers are stacked on a barge in Maine. The containers  appear to be identical to the Bay Area barge. There are other report s suggesting a Google barge is taking shape in New London, Connecticut.

 Sources told KPIX 5 that that Google is building a floating marketing center for Google Glass off Treasure Island. (CBS)

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