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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Enlightened Within -The TRUE Story of a Haunted House and Spiritual Warfare!

Imagine a home in which you could never truly let down your guard and relax. Prepare yourself for a true story about what some might call a haunted house. When the newly married McCallister family moved into a large attractive home along the Columbia River Gorge in Washington they had no idea what they were getting into. The following few years became a scary roller coaster of battles with dark forces in the spiritual realm. Evil spirits had claimed possession of the land and infested their home. And imagine the even worse nightmare of spirits who are determined to attack you in any way they can. This is a story that should convince any family to make certain that God is on their side.

Watch the interview below with the author of "Enlightened Within"

Winter WillowsWinter Willows resides in the state of Washington with her husband and four children. While growing up back east in Baltimore, Maryland, she discovered her spiritual gift from God at an early age. Being enlightened with the ability to see visions, it became obvious that God wants Winter to utilize her gift to support others with prayer, hope and positive uplifting against the daily battles of spiritual warfare.

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