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Saturday, November 23, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Pastor Terry Jones UNCHAINED! PPSIMMONS TV interviews Dr. Jones

PPSN Exclusive Report

Dr. Jones tells HIS story to 
America and to the World 
on the PPSIMMONS News Network

(This interview and video are the exclusive properties of PPSIMMONS News Network and Dr. Terry Jones and cannot be reproduced without permission.)


Stand Up America Now  - Pastor Jones' website

On  November 22, 2013, PPSIMMONS News correspondent Brandon Gallups sat down with Dr. Jones in his Bradenton, Florida office for a PPSN exclusive interview. The following video is unedited. It is presented here exactly as it was filmed.

You will FINALLY meet the real Dr. Terry Jones.

Pastor Jones addresses these topics and more:

His salvation experience                                                      
His ministry calling
His missionary work
His first-hand experience with Islam in Europe
The reasons for his famed Quran burnings
His 2012 Presidential bid
His plans for the 2016 Presidential race
His recent felony arrest for transporting "flammable materials"
on September 11, 2013
His concerns for America and the future of our nation
Barack Obama's policies and eligibility situation

Watch the full interview here: (48 minutes)


Dr. Terry D Jones was born Oct 19, 1951 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He graduated from Central High School.

He attended Southeast Missouri State University, majored in education and business and became a successful baseball player for the Southeast Missouri State Redhawks.

Dr. Jones began his hotel career with the Drury Inn Corporation in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Through his hard work ethic, he quickly worked his way up from the position of porter to manager trainee, from manager trainee to assistant manager, from assistant manager to manager, finally from manager to district trouble-shooting manager over several hotels, which included the responsibility of training managers.

After being hired as a porter, he was soon transferred to Nashville, Tennessee, as a hotel manager trainee for Drury Inns working at Ramada Inn. Later, he became an assistant manager of a new Drury Inn hotel that was built in Nashville. He was transferred back to Cape Girardeau, Missouri as the General Manager, later becoming a district manager for Drury Inn, Inc., and a trainer of hotel management.

As he was in Nashville, he had a born-again salvation experience, and became a devoted Christian. From that time on, he felt called into ministry, then went through a training program with Maranatha Ministries located in Cape Girardeau. Once he received his full training, he became the Assistant Pastor at a church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. After that, he was sent to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where he started a church. After a period of time, Maranatha Ministries sent him to Owensboro, Kentucky, to pastor. From there he was sent to Europe to become a missionary.

Dr. Jones spent two years in Munich, Germany where he established a church, then went on to Cologne, Germany where he built one of the largest Christian churches in Europe, a Bible School, and the Lisa Jones House which was a large outreach ministry to the homeless and addicted. During his approximately thirty years in Germany, Dr. Jones authored many books and appeared on a Christian television program which aired weekly throughout Europe. He also became a board member of Dove Charismatic Ministries, Inc., which is located in Gainesville, Florida.

In May of 1993, he was awarded an honorary doctorate of divinity from the California Graduate School of Theology because of his accomplishments on the mission field. While Dr. Jones lived in Europe, he visited and ministered in around thirty countries including Egypt, Australia, Ghana and many nations throughout Europe.

In 1997, he was also called upon to address the subject, “Religious Intolerance in Europe Today”, during the First Session of the 105th Congress at a hearing before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe in Washington D.C., concerning the religious persecution of Christians in Europe. Other participants included former U.S. Senator Alfonse D’Amato (R) of New York; Chick Corea, American jazz pianist, keyboardist and composer; John Travolta, American actor, dancer and singer; Isaac Hayes, American songwriter, musician, singer, actor, and voice actor.

Later on, in 2001, Dr. Jones became the President of Dove Charismatic Ministries, Inc., and the Senior Pastor of Dove World Outreach Center. In 2008, Dr. Jones returned to the United States to pastor Dove World Outreach center full time. 

 Within a short period of time, he became involved with the issue of Islam, authoring the controversial book, “Islam is of the Devil”, which was published by Creation House. Dr. Jones also began speaking out heavily on the overall financial, moral, and spiritual condition of our country including social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

In 2009, Dr. Terry Jones established Stand Up America Now, of which he is the founder and president. Stand Up America Now, is designed to encourage people to exercise their first amendment rights. It is an organization that desires to raise an awareness of the devastating condition of our country and the direction that it is going in the hope and prayer that we can change the direction.

Since 2009, Dr. Terry Jones has continued this work by directing several national and international events such as:

International Burn a Koran Day; Judge the Koran Day; Free Pastor Youcef
Justice for Zimmerman in Gainesville, Florida and Sanford, Florida; Judge Muhammad Day; Hanging Obama in Effigy; Speaking at Times Square and the Ground Zero Mosque in New York,
at rallies, conferences and Universities. 

(This interview and video are the exclusive properties of PPSIMMONS News Network and Dr. Terry Jones and cannot be reproduced without permission.)

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