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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Nov. 3, 2013 - 8 AM ET - Fox News is reporting that the LAX shooter is unconscious, in the hospital, unable to respond, and has not been questioned.  SOUND FAMILIAR? (Boston?). They are breathlessly reporting that upon conviction he could get the "death penalty." Let us watch and see if he doesn't get the death penalty before a trial takes place... like Boston. 


November 2, 2013
6:15 PM ET

PPSIMMONS News and Ministry has just received startling information (from a former military officer and veteran of several wars) that lends further and credible evidence to the possibility of the LAX shooting being a staged False Flag event. 

Our former-military source tells us that he has been directly involved in the training of the Counter Terrorism Unit for the LA Police Department. Consequently, he knows the department well and several of its major officials. 

Our information source went on to tell us that when the LAX shooting occurred he immediately contacted a high ranking source within the LA Police Department with whom he has maintained occasional contact.  He told us that the police official that he called hung up the phone and then went to a land line, away from the police department, where he felt safer talking. The police official then, reportedly, related some shocking information.
The former military officer told us that his source within the LA Police Department related to him that the LAX shooting was, in fact, a staged event. The LA Police source then reportedly told our source, "It is all BS to attack the second amendment!" The Police official then hung up the phone.

We are merely accurately reporting the information that was relayed to us from a trusted source. We have received information from our source in the past with complete reliability. Of course, he wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. 

Our source will not reveal the Police official publicly but insists that the official is a very high ranking officer in whom he places much trust. If this information, purported to have come from this LA Police official, is accurate - it confirms what PPSIMMONS has suspected as a distinct possibility all along - the LAX ordeal was a staged False Flag event, perhaps designed to further tighten security and restrict the freedom of US citizens at major airports around the nation.

Brandon Gallups, special investigative correspondent to the Freedom Friday radio program, has predicted that this LAX event was possibly designed (IF it was a staged event) to usher in the arming of TSA officers as well as to desensitize the public to the setting up security checkpoints before one even enters the main airport area - perhaps even the parking lot. We shall see.

The video below is THIS STORY in audio format to forward to your friends

Have a look at these videos we posted earlier today:

LA Chief messes up the whole affair LIVE on MSM!  Watch as the guy to his left smacks himself in the forehead when the chief lets the cat out of the bag. Watch as the guy behind him on his right lowers his head in embarrassment. It appears these three police officials were "in the know" of what happened at LAX and their chief MESSED UP LIVE!    FALSE FLAG EVENT?   You tell us.

Listen to Brandon and Carl on FREEDOM FRIDAY talk about this VERY thing - BEFORE the police official above spilled the beans!  Amazing!  Freedom Friday - ALWAYS on the cutting edge of news!

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