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Saturday, November 2, 2013

UPDATE! Brandon Gallups on the Dyess AFB Nuke Transfer! LATEST!

This is from FREEDOM FRIDAY WITH CARL GALLUPS - Nov 1, 2013 edition. Brandon brings the very latest in this amazing story. You won't believe what you will hear in this segment.


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1 comment:


    Here’s a tip, regarding your Subud Cult theory.

    A couple years ago, ULSTERMAN (blog) posted this column explaining how a Democrat campaign operative attended the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

    HERE IT IS: http://theulstermanreport.com/2012/06/05/is-this-barack-obamas-pre-convention-seance-ritual-whi-related/

    The Democrat operative (possibly Kam Kuwata, who was later murdered) wandered backstage at the 2008 Convention and heard bizarre 'CHANTING’ coming from a room, before security spotted him and roughly expelled him from the backstage area.

    The campaign was NOT HAPPY that Kuwata/whoever was wandering backstage seeing/hearing this stuff.

    A couple minutes later, Obama emerged looking glassy-eyed like he was on drugs, and took to the stage, and delivered his 2008 Convention speech.

    Well, I filed that story away in the back of my brain, and pretty much forgot about it.

    Until this week.

    When I noticed you on Gallups, talking about Obama and the Subud (islamic) Cult from Indonesia.

    So I did a search for 'Subud Cult,' and started reading about it.

    Apparently, the Subud Cult members 'channel demonic spirits' while CHANTING, SOBBING, WEEPING, SCREAMING, and SPEAKING IN TONGUES.


    Obama (aka Soetoro; aka Soebarkah) is a KOOK.

    He is a moslem cultist, bent on destroying the USA. Maybe also a foreign agent, but definitely associated w/Subud Cult.

    Now, Obama just ‘replaced’ another 34 NUCLEAR LAUNCH OFFICERS last week.

    We have a MOSLEM CULTIST purging our military, with particular emphasis on REPLACING OUR NUCLEAR LAUNCH OFFICERS.

    Draw whatever conclusions you wish.