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Saturday, November 2, 2013

FALSE FLAG? LAX shooting - Revealed on FREEDOM FRIDAY!

Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups brought on special researcher, correspondent, and commentator Brandon "BIG B" Gallups to discuss the LAX shooting. You won't believe what you will hear next!

By the way - after the show, Brandon predicted that very soon we will see airport check points set up LONG BEFORE we get to the "secure areas" - perhaps, he says, in the parking lot! Also, he says, look for TSA officers to now be armed. Never let a good crisis go to waste!

LA Chief messes up the whole affair LIVE on MSM!  Watch as the guy to his left smacks himself in the forehead when the chief lets the cat out of the bag. Watch as the guy behind him on his right lowers his head in embarrassment. It appears these three police officials were "in the know" of what happened at LAX and their chief MESSED UP LIVE!    FALSE FLAG EVENT?   You tell us.


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