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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Movie Shows Obama Shot in Small Town by Patriots trying to Take Back America

There are [at least] a couple of big names in this one though most people may have never heard of it. The reason most will not have heard of it is because the director  is such a failure and the movie is so poorly made that there have been actual petitions to force him into retirement [see wikipedia].

However - I was blessed to endure the movie recently, once again falling on the grenade for my readers, because somebody alerted me to the fact that Obama is prominently featured in the film as the POTUS - a fact I simply could not resist.

Following is the plot summary from IMDB:
Four assassins led by Baron, pose as Secret Service agents to commandeer the house of war-widow ELLEN. Her home is a prime sniper position for their plan to assassinate the President on his visit to the small town of Suddenly. The men fool the local cops except for one, TODD. A washed-up former war hero and deputy who is now the town drunk, Todd served with Ellen's deceased husband and has developed romantic feelings for her over the years. But she rebuffs his advances. Todd visits the house and is immediately suspicious of Baron, but no one will listen to the ravings of a drunk. Once Todd realizes what is going on, he manages to kill one of Baron's crew, but is captured. Now he and Ellen must find a way to stop Baron and his men before they kill the President.
 Ray Liotta stars along with Dominic Purcell of Prison Break. Essentially it boils down to a bunch of white guys with a mission to kill the president, a Barack Obama look-a-like. I want to turn your attention to the closing paragraph read by a news anchor as the movie draws to a close.

The movie ends with the following tag-line narrative:

"We have the latest update on our top story tonight. It has been conformed that the gunman involved in the assignation attempt on the president has no ties with domestic nor international terrorist organizations. Acting alone the gunman reportedly shot himself moments before he was apprehended by officials. So far we can only speculate on his motivations. This has been a 'wake-up call' to the nation and thankfully we are blessed that the president and his family are healthy and safe." (See clip below)
WOW! Was that loaded or what? Pin the tail on the patriot why don't ya! Notice the narrator posing as a journalist made special mention of the fact that it wasn't terrorism of any sort yet the movie made it clear - a group of white patriots looking to kill the president - a man who looked remarkably like Barack Hussein Obama.

On a humorous side-note:

 In April 2008, The Guardian ran an article claiming Boll had promised to retire if an online petition at PetitionOnline.com asking him to do so received 1,000,000 signatures.[39]
On May 7, 2008, the makers of Stride gum announced they would give each signer a digital coupon for a pack of gum if the petition obtained the required 1 million signatures by May 14, 2008.[40]
As of July 22, 2012, there are around 353,835 signatures.[41] In an interview with Mike Gencarelli of the Movie Mikes website on March 22, 2010, Boll stated that he would not retire, should the petition receive one million signatures, commenting:
I think no, it has been too long. If they would have made it to a million in like 2 months, then they would have had something. They even got sponsored by that gum factory. I felt like it's three years later, forget it. I also felt that people signed numerous times on the petition so it is probably only like 150,000 people that actually signed it.


Below is a clip (g-rated) which contains the above-mentioned material.

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