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Thursday, November 14, 2013

PRESS RELEASE - Dr Terry Jones "Its Time to Burn Korans Again"


November 14, 2013

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Its Time to Burn Korans Again

The fear of Islam has spread throughout Europe.  In Spain, they are threatening to deport Imran Firasat for simply exercising his freedom of speech. 
In the United States of America, we are also joining the ranks of those who are afraid and appease Islam.  A perfect example of this is Polk County, Florida.  Polk County's bogus arrest of Dr. Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp on September 11th, is a clear violation of their first amendment rights.  Polk County's clear targeting of both men further confirms the county's intention to stop Dr. Jones and Mr. Sapp from exercising their first amendment rights.  Both were charged with a felony of the illegal transporting of fuel.  Yes, it has become that ridiculous.  We were not transporting fuel.  The whole world knows that books, in other words, Korans were being transported.  The Korans were wet with kerosene.  We were not transporting fuel.  We were transporting books. 
It is revealed through that arrest, how easy it is for the authorities to twist and turn and pervert the law.
Americans watch out, Americans wake up.  Today it is Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp for exercising their first amendment rights, tomorrow it will be you.

Abraham Lincoln, "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

Thank you,
Dr Terry Jones
Stand Up America Now

This poster was featured in a recent Inspire Magazine published by al Qaeda in Yemen. (Source: MEMRI.org)

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