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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HEAT! Washington Times AD: Obama's Selective Service Form - FORGERY!

The Washington Times is reportedly displaying 
a full page Ad titled: 

Obama’s Selective Service Draft Registration 
Form Back Dated and Forged! 

The Ad appears in the Washington Times National Weekly 
Monday – 09 Dec 2013 issue – pg 5

The Ad was purportedly placed in the Washington Times by CDR Charles Kerchner ( Ret. )

PPSIMMONS NOTE:  From Carl Gallups - "While this is an important piece of information, I want to remind our PPSIMMONS readers that this is a miniscule revelation compared to what the CCP now knows and has hard-copy evidence of regarding the deeply criminal nature that this investigation has now become. "

"The birth certificate and other forgeries are merely the tip of the iceberg. Sheriff Arpaio, Mike Zullo, and others are fervently involved in the currently ongoing investigation that started with the now proven forgery and fabrication of the birth certificate. That investigation has now morphed into criminal revelations that Mike Zullo (with Sheriff Arpaio's full knowledge and support) has called 'universe shattering.'" (See video below in this article) 

Stay tuned. You will hear the monumental revelations first at PPSIMMONS. We will keep you posted and you can ask live questions on any Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups radio show.

AT THIS LINK is a description of how the forgery was done: HERE
Birtherreport.com is also running a full story on this Ad placement: HERE

Lt. Mike Zullo says - We have universe shattering information now!


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