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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The following is a summary adapted from an April 18, 2013 article by Dr. William R. Lile, Jr. D.O., FACOG. Dr. Lile is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  His web site is ProLifeDoc.org. The following is presented by Rev. Joda Collins with the permission of Dr. Lile.   
"If we think that we have a better chance of passing anti-abortion legislation if we include exemptions for rape or incest; should we?  This question is being asked by and this compromise is being considered by many Pro Life groups, in many states. 
Would we allow for the killing of a baby inside of the womb because of the sins of the father?  God forbid!
If we believe that life begins at conception, then what if the circumstances of the conception do not come to light until after delivery of the baby.  Would we allow for the killing of the baby outside of the womb because of the sins of the father?  God forbid!  However, if the baby deserves to be killed because of the sins of the father, then killing the baby in or out of the womb is equally valid. 


There is no doubt that rape and incest are both sins and should be punished. However, we should not let punishment fall on the unborn or newborn. 
We stand against abortion as a form of birth control because it is murder.  Picking and choosing what babies we will allow to be murdered without protest is not consistent with our beliefs.  Jesus never compromised with evil. He is our standard. Compromise with evil is not an option."

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