Zev Porat

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pictures Suggest Obama Wearing Theatrical Hairpiece - Hiding Something?

A PPSIMMONS contributor has sent us this highly suggestive set of pictures hinting that Barack Obama might be wearing some sort of hair piece designed to conceal his true identity.

As we have previously reported there appears to be a growing body of evidence that Barack Obama may not African-american at all, but rather he might come from Indonesian descent. See video the following below pictures.

PPSIMMONS has been reporting that great efforts have been made on many fronts to conceal the true identity of the man in the White House including but not limited to offering phony birth credentials and using suspicious Social Security numbers. Is it really so hard to believe that Barack Hussein would use makeup and a hair piece to further the illusion?

Below are those pictures. We do not make any dogmatic claims here. We are simply reporting. You decide.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


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  1. Everything else about this guy is a fake,why not hid hair to?

  2. It's possible! But he has many other mysterious head scars that the hairpiece doesn't account for. There are serious cranial scars on both sides and the crown of his head. And they seem to move around. He has a scar that begins on one side of his chin and extends down to the front of his neck. His right leg has a long scar down most of the calf. Then there's a problem with his ears - they sometimes look different from other pictures, especially the ear lobes. I have been keeping track of the pictures.

    1. Correct. ALL SORTS of scars around his entire head. I think they are SEAMS of whatever hairpiece/hairplugs he's got.

      The SEAMS are too organized. They don't seem 'chaotic' or 'random' (from an automobile crash). They seem planned.

  3. this one looks makes his left temple look weird: http://watchdogwire.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/florida/files/2013/06/obama-sweating-GTU.jpg

    1. If those are supposed to be veins in his forehead, I have never seen anyone else whose veins are so pronounced!

  4. He seems to be stitched up rag doll! Also I have noticed that he frequently wipes away tears from the corners of his eyes and twice saw him smelling it too.