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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zullo on Release Date: PPSIMMONS will know first!


Stink Bomb Tactic Being Used Against PPSIMMONS? 
(And other disinformation tactics)

Mike Zullo says: ‘If people don’t hear it from me, it isn’t true. Furthermore, when I release information about this it will be released to Carl Gallups and through PPSIMMONS.’”

There is a little known, but often deployed, disinformation tactic called the Stink Bomb. The scenario works like this:

Alice holds devastating information about Fred. So Fred surreptitiously hooks up Steven with Alice and she and Steven then become “connected” in the drama of the devastating information.

Steven, however, lures Alice into believing that he can greatly assist her in further exposing Fred. Steven makes promises of additional information he possesses in the matter, or lures Alice into believing that he has great connections with earth shattering information sources, etc.                                                              

Alice falls for the trap. Alice confides in and trusts Steven. In fact, Alice may even allow Steven to become publicly connected with her and the information that she possesses.

However, once Alice finally releases the information on Fred – Fred then pulls the trigger. Fred reveals to the world that Steven (the plant) is a “nut,” or has a criminal record, or has been institutionalized, etc. So, even though the devastating information is finally released, the shock of it wears off quickly with the consuming public because Alice, who released it, has been thoroughly discredited because of her association with Steven – who was the Stink Bomb. The Stink Bomb was deployed in order to “stink up” Alice’s integrity and trustworthiness.  See how it works? The tactic is used against politicians all the time, and it is used against media and reporters and other information release resources.

Recently, Carl Gallups, founder of PPSIMMONS News and Ministry Network and host of the Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups talk radio show told PPSN, “It has become almost comical to experience the floodgates opening and the number of people who are making contact with me now... people who “all of a sudden” have a “wealth of information,” concerning the Obama fraud case. The “information” they propose that they possess is often presented as the smoking gun or the mother of all pieces of information. They often attempt to convince me that they and they alone can make all the pieces of the puzzle fit". 

"Of course," Gallups says, "they almost always want to know what I know in return, or they want to come on my radio show or submit something for PPSIMMONS to print. They seem to desperately want to be 'connected' with us.  In light of the fact that Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo are so relatively close to releasing the results of their investigations, my Stink Bomb detector goes off quickly when I start getting these types of phone calls and emails. Especially at this point in the matter. Where was this information for the last 2 ½ years of  the investigation processes if it was so important?”

Gallups went on to say, “In a couple of cases that I did follow up on, without having made any promises to the contacting person, I turned up some highly questionable connections to this person. Immediately I thought of the Stink Bomb. The bottom line is this; Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo are professionals. I work hard at conducting myself in a professional manner as well. Zullo has released a lot of information to the public through Freedom Friday and PPSIMMONS. I am not going to jeopardize the integrity of that information release process by aligning myself with everyone who comes along claiming to have the smoking gun in this matter.”

We asked Gallups about the timing of a conference, or conferences, in which Arpaio and Zullo will release information to the public concerning their investigations into the Obama fraud matter.

Gallups responded, “As I have been saying for quite some time now. They will release it when they release it. They are making no apologies for doing this thing correctly. There is much at stake here. They have tons of information and documentation to verify, check and re-check. There are legal technicalities as well. Zullo said last year that they were shooting for a late March 2014 release date. That was an estimate. It has always been an estimate. It doesn’t look like that date goal is going to be the time of release now. However, Zullo has assured me the investigations are still moving forward full speed ahead and release conferences will be forthcoming. They are not setting dates, and neither am I.”

Gallups said, “Mike Zullo contacted me today. He assured me that when information is ready to be released, the followers, subscribers, and readers at PPSIMMONS will be the very first to know about it. Zullo told me, ‘If people don’t hear it from me, it isn’t true. Furthermore, when I release information about this it will be released to Carl Gallups and through PPSIMMONS.’”

“It seems,” Gallups said, “that there are a number of disinformation tactics being deployed at this close hour to the official release of the criminal investigation findings. We even have people posting specific dates all over the Internet  that Arpaio and/or Zullo are reported to have made known. It simply isn’t true. It is merely another disinformation tactic to keep the public stirred up and perhaps discontented. Again, when information is ready to be released, we will get those dates out to you immediately. Until then, we will wait for Arpaio and Zullo to complete their task. When it comes forward, we want it to be good. And, it will be – I am convinced of it!”


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  1. I pray to God this will reset our great country,and rid of it the scum,that think they are better than their fellow man. GODSPEED!!!!!

  2. It seems Gallups, Zullo, and PPSIMMONS always has the straight scoop! They are the ONLY ones I trust at this juncture. God bless you PPSIMMONS!

  3. Prayers for all who are involved in this, I have a feeling things are going to get really ugly. And while patience isn't something most of us have an abundance of, we must try. It's hard, so many people are suffering tremendously under this administration, they have put a lot of faith into this investigation, blindly. Prayers for them as well.

  4. please watch your backs guys Obama and his crowd is not above killing to keep his secrets secret. I do hope we see Obama and his buddies going down for all the deaths they are responsible for too as well as the fraud pulled on our nation. if it takes the peoples help let us know we will be glad to help in any way.