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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Technological Marvel From Heaven? Check THIS Out!

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wavonic seated demoIn today’s world with its fast pace and excessive demands of our time, the increase in anxiety, stress and tension has become a problem of epidemic proportions. The consequences to our health, if it is left unchecked, can be grave.

Research has shown that many chronic illnesses are linked to stress and anxiety.

Wavonic pre-packaged programs focus on relaxing the body where anxiety, stress and tension show their biggest impact. 'ReTunes™' (Relaxation Tunes) are created from a library of tones/frequencies that have been studied over many years. We at Wavonic test each ‘ReTune’ before offering it to the public. One of our first 'ReTunes' is "Breathe Easy".

One of the biggest areas that is affected by anxiety and stress is the head and sinus area. Tightness from tension and difficulty breathing are common in that area.... and these symptoms can lead to even further stress ... a vicious cycle that can have negative results.

So it is very important to create a relaxed state for optimum health.

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