Zev Porat

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

VERY LATEST INFO! - 4/29 - Arpaio Zullo Conferences - Carl Gallups


  1. Pastor Gallups-please I don't mean to cause any uproar or criticize-but please contact Zullo-tell him Obama intends to fill 87 Federal Court positions by Nov.-this will effectively reshape the Judicial Branch for the next two generations-Sheriff and Zullo have the power to stop it-now-if they wish-America is very much like the Yorktown at this point-it wont take much more to finish her off.

  2. Why wasn't Benghazi defended against the Alqaida attack? Answer: "Split Loyalties" (See Art II Sec 5 Our Constitution) That's the reason for the Coverup!

  3. Stop pinning hopes on Zullo and Arpaio. If they come through, GREAT! If not, WHAT DID YOU DO? Just go out there and make things happen. Operation American Spring starts in 10 days in Washinton D.C.. Overwhelming support for this peaceful demonstration is needed and can be something ANYONE does. Don't sit on your arse and expect Zullo or anyone else for that matter to fix your problems.