Zev Porat

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Benghazi! Best Reason Yet to Have Faith in the Arpaio/Zullo Investigation


  1. Obumber should be tried and hung for treason, if found guilty. Then go up the ladder to the ones who are really calling the shots.

  2. The reason for Benghazi-(the lack of US response) and deaths was because the pResident has a loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood-and would not drone them. This is the reason for Art II and why the liberals have caused (McCain is one) our Nation to fall victim to this horrendous act.

  3. Pass this on to Sheriff and Mike-the best time for release would be during this investigation by the House and directly to Trey Gowdy on the following basis: 1) Benghazi is about the failure or refusal of this pResident to aid Americans under fire. 2) The reason for his failure and refusal is that he had "dual loyalties" at least to the Muslim Brotherhood.and would not order fire upon Alqaida.(which was the purpose of the Founders writing Art II) 3) I suspect that what Sheriff and MIke have uncovered is proof of this "dual disloyalty" therefore making it "relevant" to Gowdy.