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Saturday, July 5, 2014

EPIC "Science" FAIL Shows Why We CANNOT Trust the Secularists

Below are screen shots from the above mentioned wikipedia page for these planets wherein they calculated the non-existent planet's orbit, mass, and confirmed the possibility for the existence of water... all regarding a planet which doesn't even exist. You will also notice an artist's rendition of the planet. Click on the picture for full viewing.

Via Yahoo News:

Washington (AFP) - US scientists said Thursday two distant Earth-like planets, which some believed might be able to harbor life, do not actually exist and that astronomers were confused by a star's sunspots.
The controversial pair of planets, Gliese d and g, some 22 light years away, were once believed to be in the Goldilocks zone -- not too close and not too far from the star, where the potential exists for water and perhaps life.
They are part of a larger trove of potentially Earth-like planets that have been identified by astronomers so far, and NASA has said billions may be out there.
Too far to be seen with the naked eye or a telescope, they were spotted with a technique called Doppler radial velocity, orbiting a cool, red star called Gliese 581.
The method takes starlight from telescope and analyzes its wavelengths. By detecting signs of a wobble from the gravitational tug of an orbiting planet, it can reveal the mass of a planet.
But astronomers at Pennsylvania State University now say Gliese 581 g and d were not planets at all, but a jumbled signal from the star itself.
"These two Goldilocks planets that people have been talking about, unfortunately, based on our research are not real," said co-author Suvrath Mahadevan, assistant professor in the department of astronomy and astrophysics. (source)

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