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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Day Thoughts

My mother often said,  "There is no excuse for being dirty because soap is cheap." Obviously, her point was that easy and inexpensive access to soap means habitually dirty people stay dirty by choice.

We live in the Information Age. Today, any adult that can read who is ill-informed about local, national and world events, is ill-informed by choice. News is easy to get and very inexpensive.

Why do you suppose habitually dirty people stay dirty out of choice? Answer: they like to be dirty and are too lazy to clean themselves. They prefer being dirty.  Why would a member of society remain ignorant of the news (assuming they have easy and inexpensive access to the news)? Answer: they like being ignorant and are too lazy to become informed. They prefer to be uninformed. 

Once in a while I feel the same way.

The information highway floods us with details about our sick, sin-soaked community, nation and world. Sometimes I want to (and do) stick my head in the sand and pretend everything is just fine. However, I cannot, in good conscience, live with my head in the sand. Our communities, nation and world depend on as many of us as possible who possess sanity, morality and influence to use all that is within our power to change things for the better whenever we have the opportunity.  Some of us influence a lot of people. Some of us influence only those few around us. However, the few around us influence the few around them and eventually, everyone! Everyone has influence. 

We are free as Americans because those who went before us first gave their minds to the needs at hand, then their energy; some gave their limbs and some their lives. 

A new term has surfaced in our society; "The Low-Information Voter."  To a large degree the low-information voter is the reason our current President was successfully pawned off on us on election day.  To a large degree the low-information voter is the cause of Congress (coupled with their spirit of coward-ness, complacency or approval) not taking deserved impeachment action against Obama.  To a large degree the low-information voter is the source of Obama's continuing ability to lull so many Americans to sleep with his teleprompter while he continues to commit repeated acts of treason against us.  

Not long ago I tried to have a conversation with some Christian friends about world events. Four realities made the conversation futile.
    1.  Their overwhelming ignorance of national and world events.
    2.  Their adolescent understanding of logic.
    3.  Their simple-minded (errant) application of Scripture.
    4.  Their arrogance that the combination of the three components noted above made them experts on national and world events.

There are many reasons why America is in a state of constant and rapid spiritual, political and moral decline. Some reasons are heavier contributors than others. However, some of the reasons we are in the process of losing the great-America others died to provide for us is overwhelming ignorance, adolescent logic, simple-minded errant application of scripture and arrogance. Those four things combine to define the low-information Christian voter in America.  

To some degree, preserving our Republic from those now in power who want to destroy it depends on the low-information voter wising up and growing up. They better do it pretty quick or "America the home of the free and brave" may be relegated to words found in outlawed history books.

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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