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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


When Hitler took over Germany, he depended on the people's inability to conceive the depths of evil that lived in his heart. Hitler told the people what he was going to do; however, he sounded so absurd that most people thought they were not hearing correctly or that Hitler really did not intend his words to convey what his words seemed to say.  So, the German people shrugged their shoulders and took a "stunned - let's wait and see" attitude.  They did nothing while Hitler used their naivete and his position to gain time and strength behind his movement to fundamentally change Germany.

By the time the German people woke up to the reality of the depth of the evil of Hitler and his Nazi's, it was too late. Gun registration preceded gun confiscation and then came military-style home invasions by the authorities, the Holocaust and World War Two.  Our (and our Allies) World War Two victory brought an end to the Holocaust and the evil reign of Hitler because of the dedication of Great Britain and the intervention of the United States and Russia.  Were it not for Great Britain, the United States and Russia, every historian agrees the world would have fallen to Hitler's Nazi Regime.

Now we have a new Hitler.  His name is Obama.  Just like I would never say "Heil Hitler," I will never say "President Obama."  This new Hitler speaks words hard to conceive as a reflection of any reality that could come to pass in America.  

Obama said he would fundamentally change America.  He started by telling us "America was no longer a Christian nation" and apologized to the world on behalf of Americans for America. His wife, for the first time, was proud of America.  Obama announced that if there was ever a conflict in the world between Muslims and anyone else (that includes you), he would stand with the Muslims and that America would never (stand against) go to war against Islam.  

What did most American's do?  Most Americans said, "those are words hard to believe" and stunned, they shrugged their shoulders and took a "wait and see" approach.  Today, six years later, America is fundamentally changed.  We are a weaker nation at home and abroad.  Once feared by our enemies, we are laughed at and taunted on the world stage.  Once prosperous, our capitalist system which built a great economy is degrading every day.  Once proud, we are being humbled under the dictatorship of a foreigner in the White House who has flaunted his power to override our Constitution and who has filled the halls of OUR White House with our enemies who he has placed in authority over us.  Today, Obama has orchestrated the free flow of Muslim terrorists and democrat voters across our southern border. Today, Obama wants to give terrorists American citizenship by the stroke of his pen.  Today, America is facing the real possibility of unrestrained terrorism in America.  Today, no one with any power to do anything good for America is standing against Obama. 

What are most Americans doing?  Most of those who do not support Obama are denying the realities that are staring them in the face, and still stunned, are continuing to take a "wait and see" approach.  So, is Congress (stunned and lifeless). 

The denials of the past lead to Nazi Germany, the holocaust and World War Two.  

However, in this new world order the enemy is determined to take over Great Britain and America.  For all practical purposes Great Britain has lost that battle.  Obama is devoted to seeing America lose that battle.  Russia remains steadfast against Muslim invasion.  That means, with Russia standing alone against the Muslim invasion of the rest of the world, there will be no World War Three, and no deliverance from the new Nazi's, which is Islam, the beloved religion of Obama whose prayers he said, "are the sweetest sounds in the world" and the religion he calls, "the religion of peace."   Obama's definition of Islamic-peace is the beheading and crucifixion of all non-Muslim men and children and the gang-rape of all non-Muslim women.  With no one left in America to protest Islam, Obama will have Islamic-peace and the fulfillment of his dream of fundamentally changing America. Truly, we will not be a Christian nation for no Christians will be left to challenge Obama's Islamic-peace. 

Obama is not incompetent. He is evil. There is a big difference between incompetent and evil. Everyone needs to conceive the depths of evil that lives in the heart of Obama before that evil becomes so much of our reality, there is no hope for recovery and free-America is gone forever.  Today, and for six years past, Obama depends on the American people's inability to conceive the depths of evil that lives in his heart to gain time and strength behind his movement to fundamentally change America from Christian to Islamic, from capitalism to socialism and from freedom to slavery to the government.  This is no joke. It is happening now, in front of our eyes.  Obama has tested his ability to override our Constitution and Congress with pen and paper (executive order). He succeeded. He has opened up our southern border as a test of our resolve to protect our country. We failed.  Next he will open our country to the direct invasion of Muslims, probably without effective opposition from our elected Representatives in Congress and without successful protest from anyone else.  Obama is a Muslim-terrorist.  I hope you get that by now. 

Obama promised us that he will always stand with the Muslims and announced that America will never fight against Islam. He intends to make his dreams come true. 

Be afraid. Be very afraid.  However, be courageous.  Do something about it.  The longer we take to do something about Obama, the more likely there will be only two choices; surrender or unlock and fire. Obama's government has assault weapons, flame throwers, tear gas, dozens of "freedom fighters" to assign per home, tanks, Obama-placed military leaders who will follow Obama's orders to fire on Americans, and local police armed as a ready military among us and against us.  Muslims will come in mass with guns, swords and knives.  We have daddy with a 22,  38 or 45 in a locked drawer.   Bottom line:  We save America now or say good-bye to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Make your choice today. One tomorrow, not too far away, it will be too late. 

"Obama...is going to destroy this Country; and we are either going to stop him or the United States of America is going to cease to exist."  Alan Keyes, 2012. http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/keyes

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Rev. Joda Collins
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