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Saturday, August 23, 2014

PPSIMMONS Contributor Challenges Dr. Ben Carson Whom He Greatly Admires To Debate Dr. Alan Keyes Whom He Greatly Admires

By Chris Farrell

Dr. Carson, I'm a Brother in the risen Lord Jesus of the Bible and I hold you in the highest regard as a physician.


I had been one of your most ardent supporters who hoped that you would be the next legal sitting president of the United States of America to follow the last legal sitting president of the United States of America, President George Washington Bush. (Rather funny insofar as all humor is tragic that the first legal sitting president and the last should both be named 'George Washington.')

I hope you read the op/ed I wrote about the Liberal nutcase Christopher Dorner in comparison to your life's impressive, honorable narrative at ppsimmons.blogspot.com. (http://ppsimmons.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-difference-between-benjamin-carson.html)

That being clarified--that I have nothing against you personally--I had to withdraw my sincere support for you to be the next president of the United States after reading what Dr. Alan Keyes wrote at loyaltoliberty.com about such a scenario as your being president.

"Because of this purblind pragmatism, Mr. Carson doesn't even see, much less have the wisdom to address, the crisis of character Americans must address if the nation's liberty is to survive.  This kind of ideological blindness, masquerading behind conservative claims, is the only thing more dangerous than Obama's overt attack on America's institutions.  Obama's open assault on liberty rouses opposition, making his success less likely.  Mr. Carson's transparent masquerade is, like the whole GOP elitist faction charade, pleasant seeming poison.   If and when it succeeds, America will simply wake up and find that its way of life is dead; as dead as the infants Monica Wehby is willing to see murdered in the womb.  Tragically ironic, to say the least.  But if you mean to practice justice, not the least bit pragmatic."---Dr. Alan Keyes(http://loyaltoliberty.com/does-brain-surgeon-carson-think-pro-lifers-are-morons/ May 22, 2014.)

Dr. Keyes is an honorable and perspicacious man, I'm sure you will agree, and demonstrated no unwarranted maliciousness towards your person in his analysis.

Dr. Carson, You recently challenged Al Sharpton, that whitewashed sepulchre, to a debate and he predictably shrank away from your challenge as the article 'Ben Carson Challenges Al Sharpton to Debate – With Predictable Results' at The Independent Journal Review (IJR) reported, which being an exceedingly short piece, I here take the literary license to reprint without permissions: 
"Ben Carson told Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Monday that his May 2014 offer to publicly debate Al Sharpton on racial issues in America still stands:
"I had an opportunity to speak with Rev. Sharpton acouple months ago at the White House Correspondents' DinnerI said, 'We want the same kinds of things, but we have very different approaches to achieving them. 
What do you think about a public debate to talk about the various ways that we can get this done?'"Carson said that while Sharpton initially seemed enthusiastic about the challenge, he hasn't heard back from the reverend since. A spokesman said Sharpton was unaware of the offer, but that Carson has an "open invitation" to come on Sharpton's MSNBC show anytime.

The so-called 'reverend' Sharpton cowardly ducked-out on your invitation.

Al Sharpton is an intellectually challenged delusional Democrat de facto circus clown for the Liberal-socialist, 'Progressive' Left, and could not rationally debate an 8th grader who had been homeschooled in the Word of God.

Would you though, Dr. Carson, agree to debate Dr. Alan Keyes and attempt to refute his trustworthy--by all reckoning of the man's character as demonstrated by his life's narrative--observations and analysis of you, if in fact you contest Dr. Keyes' observations and assertions and would defend yourself from his disqualifying assessment of you as a potential president?

In my opinion Pastor Carl Gallups of 'Freedom Friday Radio with Carl Gallups' and ppsimmons.blogspot.com renown would be the perfect candidate for the moderator's spot.

Pastor Carl Gallups

Dr. Carson, I have no wish to malign you or Dr. Keyes.

It is my belief that were you to become president you would be a better president for having debated Dr. Keyes, and if you are not the right man for the job then Dr. Keyes is just the man to illuminate those qualities that would rightly disqualify you from consideration by those like myself who hope, pray, and work towards restoring the American experiment in government of the people to governance under the rule of the law as written in the Constitution---that's all the Constitution, even Article II--and not the tyrannical rule of certain self-serving elitists who fancy themselves above the law.

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