Zev Porat

Friday, September 26, 2014

Islamic Terrorism Arrives in America! The Muslim Ground Assault Begins!

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  1. How ignorant can some people be? They stated that this killing had nothing to do with the Muslim religion. If one can only read, they'd find how far from the truth that statement is. Convert or die, cut off the head of the infidel etc. And another stated how Islam is a religion of peace. Well? Look around the world today and at the word IS in Islam. Where trouble is So IS. Where a beheading is So is. Where there is war, hatred, brainwashing and murder So is. The culture of Is, cannot get along with any other culture and letting IS into your culture, IS will try to destroy it. What has been written in IS cannot be sugar coated and the evil parts of IS cannot be over looked, it IS there. As a whole IS is not peaceful. What part of convert or die sounds peaceful to you? IS beheading a peaceful act? smite at the neck? ITS all in the (holy)? Book Of IS.
    So what is the fix for this kind of brainwashing? Lets use their own words, convert or die or Ebola , that might work too.