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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Political Mistake of Moving Left

DemocRATS are DemocRATS because they are ignorant (lack adequate correct information), stupid (unable to properly process adequate correct information), evil (led by demonic forces into the darkest forms of inhumanity) or immoral (desire to and do live in a habitual and a welcomed sinful state).  

Many main-stream RepubliCANs shun making adequate correct information available or discussing that information because they believe the majority of Americans are too stupid to rightly process the information, too evil to be swayed by what is right or so immoral they are repulsed by a political platform that mandates law and order based on moral principles. 
So, they think to sway those leaning to the left to move to the center (in order to win elections), that RepubliCANs must become or appear to be more like DemocRATS.
Here are the problems with that philosophy.  
1.  It distances the RepubliCAN base from the RepubliCAN Party and causes the moral and godly base to reject RepubliCANs. 
2.  People between pure evil (far political left) and good (far political right) cannot be swayed towards good and morality by politics.  Those decisions are of heart and soul and the work of the conscience (via the Holy Spirit). RepubliCANs, using politics to try to sway evil/immoral people towards good is like using logic to try to sober up a drunk.   That is not going to happen.  
3.  It is slap in the face of Americans.  The majority of Americans who are not devoted Democrats are not sold out to the devil, are not wallowing gleefully in sin and are not stupid.  To withhold adequate information on the basis that most Americans who are not devoted Democrats are too stupid to rightly process information is ignorant or stupid thinking.  
The surest way to lose our chance to remove DemocRATS from office in November, is for the RepubliCAN Party to move towards the political center.  No one on the left or in the center gets excited about voting for those who compromise their convictions for a vote.  To those of us on the right, a RepubliCAN who plays to the sinful, stupid or evil in an attempt to get their vote is especially repulsive. 
The way to win the November election is to stand on truth and morality.  Produce an avalanche of correct information about political and moral issues.  Make the distinctions between RepubliCAN and DemocRATS overwhelmingly clear by moving more to the right and further from the political center.  Only that approach energizes the RepubliCAN base and will get RepubliCANs sharing political truth with others and voting.   Without the RepubliCAN base, there is little hope for a RepubliCAN victory.  

I realize the current RepubliCAN position is to remain quiet and hope dissatisfaction with Obama will be enough to win in November.  They are banking on the Democrat base not to show up to vote.  That is a dangerous assumption. The situation is more serious now that Obama has opened our southern border to those who will be allowed to vote and who will vote DemocRAT because they want more free things promised or provided by our tax dollars. 
It is impossible to gain RepubliCAN votes by RepubliCANs becoming more like DemocRATS.  It is impossible to sway those in the middle to move right by RepubliCANs becoming less honorable. Stupid, ignorant, evil and immoral people are not moved to righteousness by hypocrites. Hypocrites on the right, move those in the center, further left.  

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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  1. You are absolutely right-just tell the truth and let God do the rest. People have got to at least be given the chance to do the right thing or make the right choice.