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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Syrian Rebels Against America

This time last year Obama wanted to arm the Syrian terrorists (Obama called them "Rebels") in order for them to overthrow Assad, the President of Syria and usher in a Muslim Brotherhood style of government under Islam.  The "Rebels" swore,  once in power they would "Come for America."   Many Americans and most of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives knew or came to understand that the new government proposed by the "Rebels" posed a greater danger to the welfare of America than does Assad who has been President of Syria since 2000.

However, Obama's foreign and domestic policy is to overthrow governments in favor of radical  Islamic terrorists.  Because of the unified rise of protest from the House of Representatives and the American public one year ago, Obama backed down from his action to arm Syrian Islamic Terrorists in their current effort to overthrow Assad.  

With the rise of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and their overwhelming evil (beheading, crucifixions, rapes, torture), Obama has convinced the majority of the House of Representatives that arming the Islamic Syrian terrorists will rid us of the threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorists.

This is so stupid!  They are all Islamic.  All of Islam is anti-American. The Syrian "Rebels" have not declared war on ISIS and there is credible evidence the leadership of both groups are synchronized in their goals.  You cannot protect the hen house by opening the hen house door to one fox on his promise to keep other foxes out. 

The world is on fire with Islamic terrorism because of Obama.  Our southern borders are open to Islamic terrorists because of Obama.  The White House is overrun with the Muslim Brotherhood in positions of power over us because of Obama.  Obama's actions on the world stage have proven him to be pro-Islamic terrorism.  All of these things are verifiable facts. 

Obama is a Muslim terrorist. Anything he does, just like everything he has done in the middle east is designed to promote Islamic terrorism there and, ultimately, to promote Islam in America as the reigning political and religious cornerstone of our culture.  The evidence of this is overwhelming. 

His desire to arm Syrian Rebels Against America failed last September. It looks like Obama will get his wish this September.  The weapons, training and support we give to the Syrian Rebels Against America in the months ahead will be used against us in the months and years ahead.  Obama desires to arm, train and fund an army that will kill Americans and who plan to use their Obama-gained positions of political, military and financial power to attack America.  Welcome to more Obama-change.   His dream is the ISA (Islamic States of America) replacing the USA. Show me one ounce of evidence to the contrary. You cannot.  No one can. Why?  It does not exist. 

Just as a footnote, there is a way to get rid of ISIS.  Arming their friends is not it. 

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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  1. Amen and amen, brother Collins...keep preaching! I don't understand how anyone can possibly still believe that Obama is concerned about America. His one and only concern with us is that our country be utterly destroyed and given over to the Muslims as a prize. It is for this purpose that he was installed in office and is the only reason he is being kept there. For any person that cannot see through this man, I feel very sorry for their lack of any discernment at all. They are either brain dead, they simply don't care, or they are dumb on purpose. May the Lord have mercy on us.