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Sunday, October 12, 2014

John Scary, Ebola, Obama and America Mourning

Secretary of State, John Scary said the best way to fight and contain the deadly Ebola virus is to send 4,000 American military troops to Africa to serve as construction workers (further demoralizing our soldiers) with the promise that when they get Ebola they will be returned to the USA for treatment, keep international flights from Africa coming into the USA unrestricted and unchecked, and keep all US borders open for the free flow of anyone who wants to enter our Country.  
Ebola Obama said, "Ebola cannot be contracted by sitting next to and infected person on a bus or plane."  I guess you can say that to Americans when you think they are idiots, you fly on a private jet, never ride a bus and do not have Obamacare for a medical plan.  

Today we get notice that the first case of Ebola contracted in the USA is here.  It was an Ebola medical professional who was in full protective gear when tending to an Ebola victim who recently died in Texas.
Of course, health officials stated this new case is a sign that there must have been a breach of safety protocol, rather than admit we are dealing with an infectious disease that is smarter than our health professionals. 
We know for sure that the disease is much smarter than Ebola Obama or John Scary.   I wonder how many Americans are smarter than Ebola Obama and John Scary and will now admit that the Ebola Obama administration is nothing more than a band of liars and con men/women.
With the November elections near, Republicans should be running away with the elections but they are not.  Why not?  Too many voters are dumber than Ebola Obama and John Scary. (Actually, Scary's and Ebola Obama's plan to destroy America in every way possible is pretty smart. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt to call them stupid.) 

Dumb and Dumber

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn." America continues to mourn.  
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  1. All I can do is sit here and ask the question WHY? Why are these crooks and gangsters in the most powerful positions in the free world? Free? I think the lot of us forgot the definition of free and what freedom really is. America has be turned into a individual, A person so to speak, and has been enslaved and under the control
    of Who? Who is pulling the strings, Who are the puppet masters. They have been hidden since 1913. Who is the creature from Jekyll island? All those evil, greedy men from back in the day are probably dead and gone to he--- most likely. Who's taken their place? Who signed the papers to make America a corporation instead of the Republic its supposed to be. How do we take back what they've stolen.? Silence is consent and Silent obedient consent I'm guessing, is what they're counting on. I've heard its a very big monster and every big corporation is connected to just about everything else. Maybe the biggest mistake was allowing a piece of paper to become a person. I don't have a lot of understanding of how all this works but I'm sure its a crooked deal. Paper is not alive.