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Friday, November 14, 2014

40 Year Bible Scholar Says: "Final Warning Will Educate and Amaze You!"

Yesterday, I had a long conversation with Pastor Carl Gallups about his newest book, FINAL WARNING - Understanding The Trumpet Days of Revelation.  

Aware of his numerous posts and you-tube presentations about parts of the Book of Revelation, and myself, no stranger to the Bible (25-years a senior pastor and 10-years on ministerial staff), I found I could not wait for the book's arrival date of February 2015 to gain some insight of its content.

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My conclusion is that another revolutionary book from Pastor Gallups is coming.  FINAL WARNING provides fresh insights into the book of Revelation. Prophesy is a series of unfolding events.  As prophesy unfolds, in the light of expanding revelation as a result of knowledge of current times, sometimes things once thought of as absolutes lose their foundation and crumble.  As the prophetic calendar advances, concepts and directions never thought of before begin to form in front of eyes trained to see the signposts of future events.  

The future is known to God, for He is God of the past, present and future. Throughout history God has revealed insights in to the future to a few and they share those insights with the rest.  Such a book is FINAL WARNING - Understanding The Trumpet Days of Revelation.

After my 40-years of studying, teaching, and preaching the Bible, Pastor Carl's extraordinary insight and scholastic documentation of the events of the Book of Revelation educate and astound me.  I assure you, the content of FINAL WARNING will educate and amaze you too! 

Christians and non-Christians need to know, from the Bible, what lies ahead for us all.  You can know!   Order your copy today.  I have ordered mine.

See more information about the book at the following links and order yours!

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P.S.  Watch a one-minute PROMO VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki5YmXj508c

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