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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Does a Republican candidate for US Senator win by a block of  500 votes or a block of 10,000 votes?  No. A Republican candidate wins by 500 or 10,000 votes when Republicans each cast their one vote.  If 501 Republicans or 10,001 Republicans decide their one vote does not count, then the Democrat wins by one vote. 

Does a Democrat candidate for US Senator win by 500 votes?  No, a Democrat can only win by 500 votes if 500 Republicans do not vote.  Democrats can only maintain control of the Senate if Republicans permit it. 

There is one thing many Democrats seem to understand that many Republicans do not understand, and that is the power of everyone valuing their single vote. Unless every Republican values their one vote, Democrats win automatically.  Democrats cannot remain in control of the Senate unless all four of these things happen.  

1.  Many Democrats have to vote more than once.
2.  Illegal's have to vote in large numbers.
3.  Democrats who are in control of the voting places have to rig the voting in one or more ways to illegally secure Democrat votes.
4.  A significant number of Republicans have to decide their vote does not count.

Yes, we all know that items 1 through 3 happen at every election.  Democrats by their very nature are demagogues (dishonest agitators) and rats. The very word "Democrat" contains the root word for "demagogue" and the appropriate ending "rats".  (Of course there is some slight-of-tongue in this statement, but my conclusion is accurate.)   They know what they are and so do we. 

This voting period, America is fed-up with the demagogue-rats.    Even with many of them voting more than once, the vote of the illegal's and the stealing of votes by Democrats in charge of voting locations, the Democrats cannot maintain control of the US Senate unless Republicans are convinced their one vote does not count. Your one vote does count. Your one vote counts more than all of the Democrats who vote twice, all of the illegal's who vote and all of the dishonest democrats stealing votes at the democrat-run poll locations.  

If all Republicans vote Republican for the Senate, Democrats cannot maintain control of the Senate.  Your one vote not only counts, your one vote is the deciding factor.  So, vote.  Democrats can only keep the Senate by Republican default if thousands of Republicans can be convinced, one at a time, that our vote is not the deciding vote for each Senate seat.  For every Republican who is convinced his or her vote does not count, there are 1,000 more like him or her. For every Republican who is convinced his or her vote counts, there are 1,000 more like him. At the very least, your vote is worth 1,000 Republican votes.  So, vote!  

We do not need to be like Democrats. We are honorable people.  Do not vote often. Just vote once -- and we win.   The worst Republican is ten times better than the best Democrat. Bad people are elected to office when good people do not vote.  

joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that my views are shared by anyone else.

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