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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Was A BULLY - Beat Up By A BIGGER Bully!

By Mike Shoesmith

Charlie Hebdo is a bully. Their sole purpose for existence was not to defame Islam, but to defame all things spiritual. No faith was off limits to them. They bullied everyone.

I am not saying they deserved what they got. Quite the contrary in fact. Such bullies are defeated when good people simply ignore them. They weren't popular on a global stage but they were well know among their own, which is an indictment against all of them of course. I reject their message but would also defend their right to express it just as I would have them defend mine, though I doubt they would rise to that particular occasion should my need arise.

As it is with all bullies however, as we parents are obliged to teach our children, there is always a bigger bully. And Islam is that bully.

Like a school principal who creates an environment of permissiveness, the liberal socialists in charge of France have turned a blind eye to the rise of the great bully Islam and allowed "no-go" zones where the bully Islam can grow up strong and build an arsenal, like the area behind the school or in the corners of the school yard where bullies congregate.

Mourn your dead, France. Then arise, point your finger at the bully, and make this point very clear: it stops today. End the game of permissiveness - thinking they want peace as much as you do. Research for yourselves what their "holy book" really says about you "infidels" like Jefferson did. Discover for yourselves the bully playbook that is the Koran.

And when you have done that, demand that when they come to your shores they will learn the language, love the laws, and embrace the awesome culture that is France. If they refuse, then send them back to the cultures they deserve: prisons made with their own hands.

Charlie Hebdo is a bully who was beaten up by a meaner, stronger, and uglier bully. Mourn the dead, yes, but do not celebrate their work. It isn't worth it. We are not all Charlie Hebdo.

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