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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Paris-style Attacks Less Likely in MOST of America Because of THIS!

By Mike Shoesmith

Imagine the scene as it played out in France, a country where even most cops don't have guns.

Via CNN, [bracketed words mine:]
About 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to the French newspaper Le Monde, gunmen dressed in black and wearing bulletproof vests forced their way into a building two doors down from Charlie Hebdo, asking where to find the magazine.
They then headed to the correct building, where they killed an [unarmed] officer on security detail, officials said. They later encountered a [unarmed] Charlie Hebdo cartoonist who was on her way out of the building and demanded she lead them to the offices. Once there, she was told to enter a security code to open its fortified door, according to the newspaper.
The gunmen barged in during a lunchtime editorial meeting, separating [unarmed] men and women and calling out the names of employees they intended to kill, said Dr. Gerald Kierzek, a physician who treated wounded patients and spoke with [unarmed] survivors.
He described the gunfire as a precision execution.
The gunmen said they were avenging the Prophet Mohammed and shouted "Allahu akbar," which translates to "[Muslim] God is great," Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said.
Some [unarmed] workers managed to flee [run for their lives like sitting ducks] to the rooftop and record video as the attackers left and fired on police.
The [armed] gunmen drove a few more blocks before encountering an [unarmed] officer along a Parisian boulevard. They executed him on the sidewalk.
Thursday morning:
As that search was ongoing, people dressed similarly to those in the Charlie Hebdo attack -- all in black and wearing bulletproof vests -- shot a [unarmed] female police officer in the Paris suburb of Montrouge. She later died.
Meanwhile, in northern France, a [unarmed] gas station attendant near Villers-Cotterets reported the Kouachi brothers stole food and gas from the business, leading to a massive manhunt there.
Get the picture? Now imagine those same circumstances happening in America where, at least for most of the geographical US, people are still permitted to defend themselves! If someone walks into a gas station, armed, and demands free gas in much of the country, he may wind up having someone firing back at him. And some areas where I've been, places where I feel quite safe and where people are kind and the crime rate is low, chances of terrorists barging into a place of business and successfully shooting people at will without resistance are slim to none. That is the America I know and love. And that is the America the Muslim hoards should, and probably do, fear. And rightfully so.

During the January 7 terror attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, several Paris police officers fled, unable to disarm the threat, because they themselves were unarmed and outgunned. People, regular citizens disarmed by their own government, ran for their lives like dogs. Do not let this happen in America. As the Muslim percentage is allowed to rise, largely due to liberal policies, their opportunity to take over as they have in France will correspondingly rise. And when they get the sufficient courage, after decades of lying to the media et al about Islam being a religion of "peace," they will launch attempts to take-over America. It is coming. Are you ready?

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