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Friday, January 23, 2015

Supreme Court - Homosexuality the NORM of the land? PNN responds ...

Major media sources have reported that the Supreme Court of the USA is scheduled to hear the case of whether or not States and their voters can determine the legal parameters of marriage, and in particular, homosexual marriage. The SCOTUS is scheduled to hear the case in April 2015 with a ruling expected by June 2015.


PROVEN: Homosexuality is NOT genetic... 20 years of research, numerous prominent scientists and researchers, 3 different nations involved in the study, and over 10,000 scientific papers PROVE - homosexuality is not not a result of genetics - it is a lifestyle choice... (See link below to the scientific research information).

Important and serious considerations ...

1. If homosexuality is not genetic, the only logical conclusion is that it is a lifestyle "choice." This is exactly what the Bible says and it is why God judges the act so severely, as well as calling it an abomination.

2. If it is not genetic, should we not reverse our "laws" and "celebrations" of this obviously perverse and abnormally "chosen" lifestyle? How can the Supreme Court rule that homosexual marriage is "normal" and "lawful?" How can any sane court rule that the rest of us must finance it, support it and celebrate it?

3. Even if it is somehow scientifically and conclusively proven to be "genetic," should we not be looking for a "cure" for this obvious genetic defect?  After all - homosexuality  is found in less than 10% (and most reliable surveys find less than 3%) of the entire population. Since the lifestyle produces nothing biologically useful to the human race (children) and since the sexual practices are obviously abnormal (the "plumbing" does not fit - or work) and extremely unhealthy (CDC says it is the most dangerous form of sexual activity on the planet - especially males having sex with males), and ultimately it is inherently dangerous to the rest of the human population (CDC says so)  - shouldn't we be looking for ways to "eradicate" this genetic defect as we do with other dangerous and unhealthy genetic disorders?  Why does this not make sense?

4. Jesus Himself said that the end-times would follow the pattern of the "days of Lot" (Sodom and Gomorrah). Jesus said, at the end of times just before His return, it would be "Just like this!"  See Luke 17.

5. Paul said that rampant homosexuality was a last days sign of being "given over to a depraved mind." See Romans 1

To see the scientific study research and analysis click here:

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  1. I would not describe homosexuality as a life style choice. I would describe it as a demonically influenced mental illness.