Zev Porat

Friday, January 23, 2015

An Undeniable and Historically Significant CONVERGENCE of END-TIME PROPHECIES!


PROPHETIC TIMES?   So... what do YOU think?

1. Israel is back in the land (a 2,500 year old prophecy fulfilled ONLY in our historical generation). A definitive "sign" of the "last days."

2. The nations of Ezekiel 28 are now aligning themselves and openly calling for the destruction of a  "returned" Israel. (a 2,600 year old prophecy fulfilled ONLY in our historical generation).

3. The rise of Islamic terrorism and the Islamic demand upon major nations of the world is epic. It is central to the daily news and geopolitical concerns. The world's focus is squarely on the Middle East and Israel ... (a prophecy over 2,500 years old and imaged in Trumpet 6 of Revelation.)

4. Heavily researched resources indicate (to many people) that the first five trumpets of Revelation have already blown and the world may be now on the verge of trumpet 6 (WWIII centered in the Middle East). See - FINAL WARNING: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation by Carl Gallups. (Amazon.com or Gallups.com). Are we now in the days of God's FINAL WARNING?

5. The nations of the world (including the U.S.A.) are obviously and unashamedly "turning their backs on Israel." (A 2,500 year old prophecy). Soon, she will be standing alone against the enemy powers who wish to destroy her completely.

6. The "technological impossibilities" of the ancient predictions of the Bible (the WHOLE WORLD seeing something happening at once, ability to 'take a mark', communicating with few language barriers, traveling from nation to nation in hours, etc.) are now fulfilled. Many of them only in the last 100 years - some of them only in the last 20 years or so.

7. For the first time in history - the Gospel is going to every nation of the world - daily!  A 2,000 year old prophecy fulfilled - only in our lifetime. (Matthew 24:14)

8. The once-strong nations of the world are now on the verge of frequently predicted economic collapse. ( a 2,000 year old prophecy)

9. According to some students of the Bible - the year 2015 is a potentially important "Shemitah cycle" (See Jonathan Cahn's book -The Mystery of the Shemitah.) Others, of course, have observed that 2015 is also the year of the potentially biblical and portentous "Blood Moons."

10. Israel's most prominent and venerated Rabbi - Yitzhak Kaduri declared in a note, just before his death, that the name of the real Messiah is Yehoshua (Jesus). He also declared that Messiah would 'come' sometime AFTER Arial Sharon's death. (He died in January 2014 after being in an 8 year coma.). NOW - Jews all over Israel are declaring Jesus is Messiah and Lord. Eleven of Kaduri's former students are openly professing born-again believers in Jesus Christ and enduring  intense persecution for their faith.  The book and movie THE RABBI WHO FOUND MESSIAH - by Carl Gallups is going all over the world and Israel. It has even made its way to the underground church in China (in over 40 different congregations around the nation). Messiah of Israel Ministries in Israel (Zev Porat - director) is heavily engaged in facilitating this amazing end-time phenomenon of Jews coming to Christ while living in a returned Israel. On top of this, there are reports all over the internet of Muslims coming to Jesus as Christ - some of them even reporting Jesus-dreams or Jesus-encounters.

11. The most prominent and powerful nation on earth (the most powerful - economically and militarily in history) ... the U.S.A. - is:

a. In the middle of an atrocious abortion holocaust (culture of death)

b. Openly celebrating and legalizing homosexuality and homosexual marriage (and vigorously exporting the agenda to other nations of the world!)

c. Turning its back on Israel

d. Embracing Islam (and in some places - Sharia Law) and has Muslim Brotherhood representatives as members of its government and in the White House.

e. The majority (up to 80%) of America's pulpits are in an apostasy and indifference crisis (according to a recent George Barna study and statement) 1.

f. America's "official" stance on "why" all of life is here (evolution) is that it was  an unintelligent, non-purposed, accidental cosmic explosion of "nothing" that brought into existence all of the 20 million+ forms of life and all of their systems, subsystems, sub-subsystems, quanta-level atomic structures, and the various forms of intelligence - including man's intelligent which is light years ahead of ANY of the intelligent life forms known to exist in the entirety of the physical universe. In other words - America's official stance is blatantly anti-Bible, anti-science, anti-common sense, and anti-God. See Romans chapter 1.


Could it be - we are in the midst of the Trumpet Days of prophecy as outlined in Revelation?  Could it be that the return of the Lord is very soon to come? Could it be that God is now sounding His FINAL WARNING to the world and the church?

1. Barna: Many Pastors Wary of Raising Controversy, http://www.onenewsnow.com/church/2014/08/01/barna-many-pastors-wary-of-raising-controversy#.U-ED1KO0uSr.

Order at: Amazon.com or Gallups.com or FinalWarningBook.com



  1. Amazing! thank you for this. God bless the work you do PNN!

  2. Ordered the book! Can't wait to get it. I have read other articles about it and the author. I have his book The Magic Man In The Sky. Excellent!

    1. FINAL WARNING will also be available in Kindle after February 3, 2015 (official release date). Just wanted you to know. God bless.