Zev Porat

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prophetic? THE TROJAN HORSE is arriving...

We tried to warn America back in 2011

A 2011 PNN Video perhaps proves to be prophetic.

FOX NEWS reports 2-21-15:Obama policy to bring Syrian refugees into US raises concern among Republicans, intelligence community.

"An Obama administration plan to allow Syrian refuges into the United States is raising concerns within the intelligence community and on Capitol Hill -- with one GOP House leader calling it a “federally sanctioned welcome party” to potential terrorists."

7 MILLION Syrians are seeking refugee status. 500 are ALREADY in the U.S. now!
Of course Avi Lipkin  predicted (and PNN reported) as many as 50 million would come from various Middle Eastern countries - but it appears that the first door is now being opened to that potential flood.

See Full Fox Article Here:

ORIGINAL PNN 2011 Video - This video said that this scenario would unfold under the Obama regime as an orchestrated act to flood the nation with more Muslims and those with direct connections to the the Middle East. It is now beginning to happen.



  1. Sherriff Joe better get on the stick and expose this traitor. Oh God help us!

  2. Taxation without representation (Interposition- first and foremost mandamus/mandate of ALL representatives of WE THE PEOPLE is to protect and defend us aka WE THE PEOPLE and uphold the Constittuions of uSA and States) is deja vu all over again.
    Forget about washington, dc (district of corruption) and focus on State Sovereignty and enact The Balance of Powers Act in every State. Learn it here- www.soarproject.us
    It's simple- enforce The Contract/Constitution especially The Tenth Amendment. Over 70+% of fed activities/agencies are unconstitutional. Restore The Law of Agency-
    States are the Principal, fed is agent.