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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Democrats Call Obama God with "I Shamrock O'BAMA" sticker!"

By Mike Shoesmith

In a recent email from the DNC HQ designed to profit from St Patrick's Day celebrated by millions each year the Democrats have, intentionally or not, actually called Obama "god."

The email subject line uses a four-leaf clover, which has historically stood to signify luck, as though the person who finds a clover with four leaves on it is somehow "lucky" because they have found something rare. But if we look at the imagery in the body of the email we see the actual sticker uses the more common three-leaf clover or "shamrock."

Remember, this email is a direct reference to St Patrick's Day. They are selling a sticker which says, in celebration of St Patrick's Day, "I shamrock Obama."

So what's the big deal, one might ask? The story goes that St Patrick used the three-leaf clover as an illustration of the triune nature of God. That is: three persons, one God. From Wikipedia,

Legend credits St. Patrick with teaching the Irish about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity by showing people the shamrock, a three-leafed plant, using it to illustrate the Christian teaching of three persons in one God.[70][71] For this reason, shamrocks are a central symbol for St Patrick's Day.

So then, since we are in fact directly talking about St Patrick and St Patrick used the Shamrock (three-leaf clover) as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity, the symbolism in the Obama sticker is quite disturbing. One might say it actually reads, without the metaphor, 

I - god - Obama or I, god, Obama or some variation of that.

This of course is not a new thing. Stickers and slogans suggesting Obama is god were ubiquitous during the 2008 presidential race. "In God we Trust" was replaced with "In Obama we Trust." Little children were actually praying to Obama on YouTube. He was even referred to, in quite serious terms, as the Messiah.

If this was unintended on the part of the DNC HQ then it may simply be that more education is required over there; more thought put in to these money grabs before emailing them out to millions of people. If it was their actual intent to once again portray Obama as god, and some have suggested that everything they do is intended, then to what triune god could they be referring? There is the Holy Trinity -  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit referred to by St Patrick. However there is another triune "god" mentioned in scripture... but we won't go there.

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