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Monday, May 25, 2015

BREAKING! Kent Hovind to be RELEASED! All Charges DROPPED! Plus Personal Message from Mr Hovind from Prison!

Kent Hovind Provides Update On His Situation & How Everyone Can Help (5-23-15)

In 2007 Congress passed a law called the "Second Chance Act" which states that if a person is in prison for the first time and is non-violent they can be given six months home confinement off the end of their sentence. Normally, prisoners serve 85% of their sentence (so in a 10 year sentence like Kent has you'd only serve 8.5 years) but you can knock off an additional 6 months as stated earlier. You can also knock off 10% (one full year in Kent's case) for "halfway house." That is what the "Second Chance Act" officially says. However, Congress gave that discretion to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In 2013, Kent began filling out the proper paperwork asking for the aforementioned time to be taken off his sentence and to be sent to the halfway house or home confinement. Pastor Hovind has copies of those original documents he filled out two years ago and shows everyone. Now, he needs the BOP to take the necessary steps that they should have already done months ago to move this process along. Kent talks about the BP8 - BP11 forms and the process that is needed to secure his release. At the Berlin New Hampshire prison a woman named "Miss Sedlak" approved Kent for home release to be on February 2015 (3 months ago) but was then promoted & the new guy dropped the ball on finishing the process (Kent's number is #06452-017 when calling in to the BOP to help). Pastor Hovind wants each of us to get our representative to answer two questions: 1) Do you own any stock in any business related to the United States Prison system? 2) Do you own any land you lease out to build prisons on?

Kent Hovind Update: Still Trying To Find Miss Sedlak At The Bureau Of Prisons (5-22-15) 

If You Have A Silver Bullet To Help Pastor Kent Hovind - Just Do It! You Don't Need Our Permission 

Kent Hovind Exposes The 3 Stooges Bureaucracy Of The United States Prison System (5-19-15) 

Official Kent Hovind Trial Website

Dozens Of Free Kent Hovind Seminars/Debates – Feel Free To Make DVDs & Hand Them Out For Free Everywhere! (Please Just Don’t Sell Them Though)

Pastor Kent Hovind Interviewed On WRWL Radio By Ernie Sanders (5-22-15)

Joyce Riley Interviews Dr. Kent Hovind On The Power Hour (2-15-15)

Thousands Of Testimonies Pour In From Around The World For Persecuted Pastor Kent Hovind!! Wow!

20 Shocking Things That Have Happened In the Kent Hovind IRS Targeting & Persecution Case Since 2004 (spread this everywhere!)

Trey Covers Kent Hovind's Persecution Beginning To Present (4-27-15) – Please Share This Everywhere!

Illegal Imprisonment of Kent Hovind & Other Christians in America | #FreeKent 

Kent Hovind vs IRS Structuring | Why Kent Hovind is in Prison (3-22-15)

Creation Science Evangelist Kent Hovind Provides A Summary Of His Entire Case (5-14-15)

Judge Rodgers' Preposterous Speech Before Kent Hovind Was Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison (2006) 

Urgent Message From Kent Hovind - Goverment Sends "Cyber Bomb" Computer Attacks Against Supporters 

Kent Hovind’s Old Prison Blog and Writings

Social Media (Get Involved To Help Free Kent Hovind) 

Nine of Dr.Kent Hovind's Thirty-Seven E-Books Written From Prison: 

Kent’s Converts Website – Write & Encourage New Christians Kent Has Led To The Lord (Kent has led almost 800 inmates to the Lord Now) 

Please Contact Your Congress Representative Or Senator At This Link And Demand They Look Into This IRS Targeting/Corruption Case & Christian Persecution Of An Innocent Man Dr. Kent Hovind & Help Assist In Getting Him Released Now That All Charges Have Been Dropped! 


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