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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

If Dolezal is a liar - SO IS BRUCE JENNER!

By Carl Gallups

This morning (June 17th) I watched Fox News. Practically every one of the pundits are still calling Rachel Dolezal a liar and mentally disturbed.(directly and/or in so many words). Very interesting.  One pundit tried to bring up the issue of "homosexuality" but was quickly directed to "another subject." 

If Rachel Dolezal is not really  Black and she is called a "nut"  and a "liar" by the mainstream media, how Is it that Bruce Jenner is now declared to be a woman and a national hero?

There seems to be little doubt, according to both the Right and Left pundits, that Rachel Dolezal appears to have some serious psychological issues to work through.

Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post even tweeted that he agreed that she is “mentally disturbed“:
Capehart is not alone in the MSM's assessment of Dolezal. I challenge you to search for “dolezal crazy” or “dolezal nuts” on Twitter. The sentiment is practically ubiquitous. You will be hard pressed to discover any person of any real notoriety defending Dolezal’s bravery.  Neither will you find anyone calling her courageous.

Which of course brings me to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. How is it that what Dolezal did is any different than what Jenner is currently doing?

Dolezal changed her hair, her facial features, her skin coloring, her mannerisms, her style of dress, and her speech patterns. She declared herself to be black. Her birth certificate says she is white. Her DNA says she is white. Her loved ones say she is white. The media declares her to be mentally disturbed.

Jenner changed his hair, his facial features, his skin coloring, his mannerisms, his style of dress, and his speech patterns. He declared himself to be a woman. His birth certificate says he is a man. His DNA says he is a man. His loved ones and friends say he is a man. The whole world WATCHED him as a man.  So, a 67 year old man dresses up in women's underwear and poses on a magazine cover (the title of which is Vanity Fair - ironic?) and the media declares HIM to be a hero and courageous and America's new symbol of all that's "right."  He will now be a judge at an upcoming Mrs. America pageant.

What am I missing here?  ANSWER: I am missing nothing. I see it clearly. This is not about science, or truth, or reality, or loving someone. It is not about dealing with facts - it is about an "agenda."  The hypocrisy and nefariousness is painfully obvious. And a little scary. And very, very prophetic.

What is the difference between the Dolezal case and the Jenner case? Only the leftist mainstream media's labeling of it - that's all. The two cases are identical in nature. Yet, one person is called "insane," for declaring a change in their identity and the other is called a "hero."

What a shame it is that the "insane" person didn't fit the "agenda."  Yet... in reality, they are both deeply disturbed people by every definition of what they have done.  (Please see the two important links at the end of this article).

This whole affair would be quite jocular if were not so deadly, and deeply serious to the survival of our culture and nation. In the meantime, my heart's prayers go out to Dolezal and Jenner - they are obviously deeply hurting souls.

God have mercy upon us.


EIGHT SCIENTIFIC STUDIES PROVE HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT GENETIC: http://ppsimmons.blogspot.com/2015/01/scientifically-proven-homosexuality-is.html

RENOWNED DOCTOR SAYS TRANSGENDERISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER: http://www.wsj.com/articles/paul-mchugh-transgender-surgery-isnt-the-solution-1402615120

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