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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BUT ANIMALS ARE GAY TOO! Pastor Carl Gallups sets the matter "straight!"

The FOUR most popular justifications for Gay lifestyle:

1. Animals often engage in homosexual behavior - therefore it is "natural."
2. I can't help it. I was born that way. DNA research proves this fact.
3. The Bible doesn't condemn it and Jesus never said a word about it.
4  The Supreme Court says it's "legal." Therefore it must be okay.

Pastor Carl Gallups EXPLODES these four myths and exposes them for the absolute falsehoods that they are...read on!

By Pastor Carl Gallups

Think being gay is "unnatural?" (Title of a Gay news article)

A Gay news website declares:

"These 11 animals will prove you wrong.Think homosexuality is unnatural still? You won't believe what these 11 animals are getting up to."

That website's article then declares in its closing statements:

"There are literally hundreds of species that have been observed as showing ‘gay’ behavior, and it really does show homosexuality and bisexuality is completely natural. It really is homophobia that doesn’t make sense."


Pastor Carl Gallups (bestselling author with WND Books and radio talk show host) asks: "Really? Are the acts of animals what determines your definition of 'natural?'"

Since we have been teaching our children for several generations that there is no God and that humans are accidentally evolved souped up gorillas, the mere result of a random cosmic explosion, it is no wonder that the gay activist would feel so "natural" comparing the crowning glory of God's creation (mankind) to an animal.

Of course the entire gay agenda would have never amounted to what it is today unless, first, the evolution agenda was firmly entrenched. The downward slide of our understanding of humanity's place on the scale of eternal importance was indeed a "natural" occurrence.

It would be important to ask the gay activist who buys into this brainwashing, legitimizing hogwash a few questions:

1. Since many animals also eat their young "naturally" - would that behavior also be acceptable to you? If homosexuality in animals is "natural" why not mimic this natural animal behavior as well?

2. Since many animals also eat their own "offal" (feces)  - would that behavior also be acceptable to you?

3. Since many animals also eat their own vomit - would that behavior also be something that you should "naturally" practice?

4. Some animals engage in cannibalism and frequent "murder," or killing at random, within their species. Should this then be a "natural" thing for humans to do?

5. Some animals have frequent sexual relations with members of their own "family" - even their young ones. Is that "natural" for humans as well?

6. Is all behavior "moral" simply because it might be deemed by some to be "natural?"  Cannibalism is "natural" in some cultures. Is it moral to kill and eat another human being? 

7. No animals cook their food - it is unnatural for them to do so. Should we stop that activity since it is "unnatural" in the animal kingdom?

8. Not a single animal passes on intricate generational knowledge, nor do they write books, use computers, create lavish artistic displays - they "naturally" do not do these things. Should we mimic that "natural" behavior as well?

9. No animals invent automobiles and aircraft and then operate them. It is not "natural" for them to do so. Should you stop riding in cars and airplanes? After all, isn't this an "unnatural" act on your part - if the animal kingdom is the definition of what is "natural" for you?

10. Some animals are known to commit "mass suicide." It is a "natural" response for them when frightened. Should this be a common practice in the gay community as well? After all - it is only "natural" in the animal kingdom.

11. The gay article references giraffes as a prime example of homosexual activity and the article calls this "natural." You know what else giraffes do "naturally?"  They clean out their noses with their tongues! (Look it up).  So - why aren't you following this "natural" activity of your favorite homosexual giraffe?

12. Some animals "naturally" feed their young by chewing up the food and then puking it into the mouths of their babies. Let's see you start practicing this "natural" animal activity!

13. Many animals eat "naturally" dead, decaying, rotting, rancid remains of other animals and garbage. They do this "naturally." Time for you to begin this "natural" activity as well?

14. Buzzards cool off "naturally" by excreting waste products on their own legs.  Ever done that? (On purpose that is?)

15. Some animals lick and clean their own private parts "naturally" including their elimination regions.  This is quite "natural" in the animal kingdom.  Will you begin bathing in this manner from now on?  Come on! It's "natural!"

16. Some animals, the Tahr for example, begin their mating rituals by first urinating on each other. It is a "natural" sexual practice for them.  How about you? Don't you want to be "natural?"

17. Hippos "mark their territories" by mixing up their feces and their urine into a ball of slime and flinging it around. The baboons that are near by - love it!  They move in and feast upon the nasty spitballs - "naturally."  Please let us see a video when you decide to practice this "natural" behavior.

18. And on and on the list goes of "natural" animal behaviors. So if an animal appears to be exhibiting "homosexual" behaviors - why would anyone assume - "Oh well, it must be good for humans too?"

The answer: It is nothing more than your "natural" sin nature attempting to justify a mortally unnatural human behavior.

How can homosexuality be considered unnatural you ask?  Think about it ... how many babies do you know of that were born inside the elimination organs of a male? The "NATURAL" feature of a man/woman relationship is for procreation - the most "natural" thing on the planet. Without it - all of us - animals included ... would die out in one generation. Now that would certainly mess with the "natural" order of things!  Wouldn't it?


Genesis 13:13 - God calls The MEN of Sodom wicked.

Genesis 18:20; 19:4-5 - we discover that at least a part of that wickedness was homosexuality.

Jude 7 (N.T. Reference to Old Testament)- We read that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed specifically for their "sexual perversion."  In GENESIS 18-19 the ONLY sexual sin, thus "sexual perversion," that we see presented is homosexuality.

Leviticus 18:22, 20:13 24-30; - God's Law strictly and clearly forbids homosexuality. The penalty for this activity among God's People, in the nation of Israel, was death.

Deuteronomy 22:5 - the Lord forbids homosexual dressing and cross-dressing.

Judges 19:22 - homosexuals are called - wicked.

I Kings 14:24 - male prostitutes (this profession undeniably included homosexuality) - is called "detestable".

I Kings 15:11 - male prostitutes were "expelled" from the land. God called the expulsion "good."

I Kings 22:46 - male prostitutes were again "expelled" from the land - this time COMPLETELY. God calls this "good."


Romans 1:26-28 - The topic of homosexuality is addressed in detail and its spiritual origins are exposed. Homosexuality is called: Sinful desires, shameful lusts, sexual impurity, degrading, a lie, and perversion.

I Corinthians 6:9-10 -says that you cannot be a practicing unrepentant homosexual and be saved.

Sexual Immorality = ANYTHING (including homosexuality, of course) that is clearly against the nature and will of God regarding our sexuality as defined by God's Word. From the scriptures above homosexuality is clearly in the category of sexual immorality. The Bible has much to say about those who live in sexual immorality:

Hebrews 13:4 - Sexual Immorality is condemned.


I Timothy 1:8-11 - "pervert" comes from Greek Word (arsenokoitias) that means, sodomite or homosexual - specifically - a man who has sex with another man.



Jude 7 (N.T. Reference to Old Testament)- We read that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed specifically for their "sexual perversion." (Homosexuality)



In Matthew 19:4 - Jesus clearly defines marriage as between a man and woman ONLY. He further says that it was this way from the beginning at God's direction. Jesus certainly does not include homosexual relations or marriage in his definition of real marriage. By exclusion - he condemns any relationship outside of one man married to one woman. Furthermore -he concluded his definition by warning, "that what God has joined together (man and woman) let not man separate."

Jesus mentions Sodom and Gomorrah as examples of wickedness that brings God's judgement in Matt. 10, Matt. 11, Luke 10 and Luke 17. 

Sodom and Gomorrah are also used as examples of wickedness and God's judgment Romans 9, 2 Peter 2, Jude 7 and in Revelation 11.

TRUTH - There is not ONE instance of a single POSITIVE thing said about homosexuality or a homosexual ANYWHERE in the Bible.

TRUTH - There is not ONE instance of a homosexual relationship being uplifted as an example of Godliness .ANYWHERE in the Bible.

TRUTH - The Bible simply DOES NOT support a homosexual lifestyle as a "saved" or "godly" or "alternative" lifestyle for God's people...it just does not.

TRUTH - According to the Bible  - a practicing, unrepentant homosexual cannot and will not enter Heaven. He/she is not saved.

TRUTH - Regardless of a person's "sexual orientation," "predisposition," or "genetic tendency" - to engage in ANY sex act is always a choice...you MUST have food and water, clothing and shelter to survive...one can survive without sex for a lifetime if necessary...thus we are all held accountable for our sexual choices. We are held accountable by the standards set out in God's Word. God was the inventor of sex ... therefore He gets to say how we use it.


Homosexuality is NOT genetic. Eight scientific studies conducted over a 24 year period, conducted in four different nations by dozens of prominent scientists, producing over 10,000 pages of evidence prove the matter 100%. Homosexuality is not a genetic matter.


The Supreme Court also approved slavery. What that good?  The Supreme Court also ruled that black people are not really "persons." Was that okay with you?  The Supreme Court also said we could crush, poison, mutilate, destroy, and throw away a human baby from inside the womb - but at the same time we will go to prison for doing the same to a turtle embryo or eagle embryo or manatee embryo. Is that good with you?  The Supreme Court is NEVER the final word on what is right and wrong - only the Word of God.

If a person wants to claim to be gay - he/she can no longer claim (based upon the evidence in this article) that it is because:

1. The Bible and Jesus allow it  (They don't)
2. I was born that way -the DNA proves it (You weren't and it doesn't)
3. The animals do it - so I can do it too (only if you mimic all the other "animal" behaviors too. Why are you picking and choosing only ONE animal behavior?)

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