Zev Porat

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lord Monckton on Gay Marriage Ruling - Communist Pope - Climate Change Hoax Agenda and MORE!

In this six part interview Mike Shoesmith of PNN Radio interviews Lord Monckton on the top issues of the day. You will hear some startling truths about the leftist agenda for the world as well as some predictions to which we should all pay heed.

BRILLIANT Explanation of Gay Marriage Agenda in America ~ Lord Monckton Everybody!

PNN RADIO: Lord Monckton on the Communist Pope and Global Warming Agenda!

Lord Monckton on Trump Walker and Cruz! EXCELLENT Analysis!

SHOCK PREDICTION! Greece Will LEAVE EURO! Revert to Drachma in a YEAR!

What Would Thatcher Do About Russia? Lord Monckton on PNN Radio!

"WILDLY EXAGGERATED!" Lord Monckton on Global Warming Hoax!

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