Zev Porat

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gay Escort Owner and Obama Donor Slapped With Prostitution Charge! Feds Raid "Rentboy!"

The NY Times:

For some gay activists, it had shades of bathhouse raids and gay-bar roundups from decades ago. On Tuesday, federal authorities burst into the Union Square office of the gay-escort website Rentboy.com and arrested the chief executive and several employees on prostitution charges.

Rentboy, which federal authorities called the biggest male-escort website, had been around for almost two decades, allowing escorts to pay to advertise themselves. It was well known in the gay community, hosting pool parties, dances and awards shows throughout the country.

After federal authorities charged its top executives with promoting prostitution, seized the website and went after the business's assets on Tuesday, many gay activists were infuriated. The Transgender Law Center, a civil-rights group, criticized the arrests, as did some male sex workers. Several activists said they would use the episode to renew calls to decriminalize prostitution. (Read More)


The CEO of Rentboy.com, who was arrested by federal authorities Tuesday for allegedly promoting prostitution, donated to Barack Obama's first campaign for president.

Jeffrey Hurant and six other employees of Rentboy.com were arrested and charged in Brooklyn, New York, Tuesday with conspiring to violate the Travel Act by promoting prostitution. The Department of Justice labeled the business the "largest online male escort service." (Read More)

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