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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GENDER NEUTRAL STORES? Businesses Gone Wild!

PNN Exclusive Report
Carl Gallups joins Franklin Graham in sounding off . . .

ABC News recently reported on Target's new policy of going "gender neutral" in its signage. The article reports:

"Target has announced it is taking a step toward gender neutrality following a social media backlash against the retail giant.

"The retailer’s new goal is to defy stereotypes within its aisles after Abi Bechtel, a mother of three, tweeted a photo from inside her local Target store. The photo showed a sign for “Building Sets” and a separate sign for “Girls’ Building Sets.”

In a USA TODAY article Target is quoted as saying, "Kids visiting Target will no longer have to consider their gender while shopping"

Rev. Franklin Graham has weighed in on the matter as well saying, "it was God who created two genders and that Target should appreciate that. If they continue to make their stories gender-neutral then he suggests people take their business elsewhere"

PNN interviewed Pastor Carl Gallups, bestselling author and longtime talk radio host, talks about Target's radical move.

Pastor Gallups said, "Target can disguise its “good intentions” all they wish, but the premise of the scenario is ridiculous on its face – as well as being conveniently timed with the Supreme Court’s recent gay marriage ruling and the mainstream media and entertainment industry’s infatuation with the Bruce Jenner circus."

Gallups went on to say, "Boys are boys and girls are girls. For those who are uncertain of “what they are,” check your birth certificate or get a DNA test. This is not rocket science. Neither political correctness nor the radical gay agenda ripping through corporate America can change the facts of nature and science. We can dress these matters up in any politically correct way we chose, but it still comes back to an atmosphere of  “perversion” and being “given over to a depraved mind” (Romans 1: 18-32) for those of us who come from a biblical worldview."

"What does Target mean," Gallups asked, " by 'kids visiting Target will no longer have to consider their gender while shopping?'  What is there to 'consider?' No one is 'prohibiting' any child from shopping and purchasing any product from anywhere in the store! There certainly is no extra 'stress' or 'burden' upon a child or parents to see pink or blue banners indicating gender-based products. This is nothing more than a 'signal' to the radical marriage and family re-definers of our day. Target wants to appear politically correct. I hope Target remembers that it was traditional families; moms, dads, and little boys and little girls (who know what they are) that made them successful. Target has just slapped its financial base in the face in order to appease a vast minority of our current population."

When PNN asked Gallups what all this meant from a biblical standpoint, Gallups responded, "Target’s “reclassification” of gender-based products certainly is not a major signal of the “end of the world.” They obviously have a right to arrange their store in any manner in which they chose. But, to signal their change to the world through the mainstream media as if it is an earth shattering “advancement,” is ludicrous, and surely points to the insanity of our time."

Pastor Gallups concluded by saying, "It is obvious that our culture is going through a war of “when two worlds collide.” My very first book, The Magic Man In The Sky, contains a chapter with this same title. It speaks of the very real battle that is taking place in America today. America’s Christian heritage is being undermined and dismantled by a last day’s spirit of abject secularism and a sweeping Sodom and Gomorrah spirit – that we are now trying to “export” to the rest of the world. Interestingly, Jesus said (in Luke 17) that the last days era would be characterized specifically by this spirit. If there ever was an age of urgency for people to be right with our Creator through a born again relationship with Jesus Christ – it is now."

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