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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


From the beginning, many of us knew Obama was a bad guy.  Some knew his voting record. Some knew of his severely flawed character. Some, by experience or training, are able to identify a sociopath.  Some have the gift of discernment and could feel the demonic forces surrounding him and emerging from him.  

Now, nearly seven years later, everything about America is worse and everything worse can be traced back to B. H. Obama.  Every honest and aware person knows that.

Those of us who knew he had the innate power to be the worst president our country has ever endured have had our worst expectations exceeded.  Everything he touches turns to dung.  Everything he says brings destruction to good.  Everything he does tears at the decent fabric of our society.  

The initial fault lies with the voters who put Obama in the Office.  The second fault lies with Republicans in Congress for being too cowardly to stand up to Obama, for relinquishing their constitutional power/responsibility to protect us and for being downright lazy.  Certainly not all of Congress is to blame; however, every Democrat is to blame and the majority of congressional Republicans are to blame.  America has been raped by Obama over and over while Congress watches, applauds and/or turns its back.  And, like the pervert every rapists is, he has convinced himself that his victim either likes it or deserves it.  

At a recent address to Congress (or the Senate?), Presidential hopeful Senator Cruz stated that the frustration of the American public is "volcanic."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aimgwzV-77U.  Senator Cruz is absolutely right.  

Psychologists say rape victims who overcome the emotional damage of rape, go through four stages before being restored with enough health to continue with reasonable success to function in life on a normal plain.
1.  Shock
2.  Overwhelming emotional trauma (anger, frustration, fear, feelings of helplessness, reclusiveness and such). 
3.  Attempts at outward adjustment to life's routine.
4.  Attempts at inward adjustment in order to emotionally readjust. 

Americans are over our shock. We fully realize we have been and are being raped by our President, at will.  We are not over our trauma. Our anger is volcanic.  Our frustration is explosive.  Our feelings of helplessness are to the extreme.  And, we have no place to hide; no escape and no relief.   We understand the gravity of the relentless and repeated attacks on our goodness and purity.  Most of us have made outward adjustments to our lives in an attempt to continue to fulfill our life's responsibilities with as much concentration as we are able to muster.  However, we cannot adjust inwardly because the rapes continue and we expect the violations of our decency not only to continue but to intensify in the last year the rapists has unfettered access to us to satisfy his demonic bent.  We realize, with great sadness, Congress will not stand up to protect us.  

The question is, will there be enough American strength to recover when Obama is no longer the rapist-king and Americans are no longer slaves on 24/7 call to his sadistic violations against us?  

Time will tell.  However, rape victims seldom fully recover and those exposed to repeated rapes over years are often reduced to mere shells for years if not for a lifetime.

Obama and our Congress should be prosecuted for violating us every day for nearly seven consecutive years. 
We have no hope for our deliverance for more than another year.

I would do something about Obama's attacks against us and about the horrible Congress if I could.  I cannot.  Neither can you.  We are defenseless.  Our Constitutional protection is inactive. We should and we could pray to God, but I wonder if a nation that has killed millions of innocent children, sells their body parts for profit, stands by and watches the people of God beheaded or set on fire, disfigures marriage with sodomy-based marriages, and curses Israel can expect additional grace from God.
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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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